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What Knife

Discussion in 'General chit chat' started by CornishLogun, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. CornishLogun

    CornishLogun AKA The Raven

    Likes Received:
    south east cornwall
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  2. Alan17hmr

    Alan17hmr Donator

    Likes Received:
    5 Clowne Derbyshire Wagbi then Basc Member

    Hope you've had a nice Christmas,

    I do quite a lot of rabbiting, and go out deer stalking, I've always held back from wearing a sheath knife until I am way out into the countryside and far from prying eyes

    I really think it's far more practical to cary a nice quality penknife than the short sword web link you've put up

    I have been stopped lots of times coming out of schools, farms, warehouse grounds, and the first thing I calmly say to any young worried is my name is xxxxxx I am carrying Firearms and a knife to use on rabbits

    So far they have not been interested in guns just read my written permission with a map printed on the reverse which I show them

    If I get out of my car with a sheath knife hanging half way down my leg I cannot win any policeman over as it's overkill to carry anything like that

    The next thing about being stopped by police and them not being happy with you is a Firearms car attending and you cannot win then as you are probulary on a public road, your own car is classified as a public place

    Q: What kind of knife can I carry in a public place without a good reason?A: The knife must have a cutting edge of no more than 3 inches and must not have a lock of any kind.
    For a knife to be a folding pocket-knife within the meaning of this section, it must be readily and immediately foldable at all times, simply by the folding process. A lock-knife, which required a further process, namely activating a trigger mechanism to fold the blade back into the handle, was held not to be a folding pocket-knife (Harris v DPP [1993] 1 All ER 562); followed in R v Deegan [1998] Crim LR 562,[1998] 2 Cr App Rep 121. The section applies to articles which have a blade or are sharply pointed, falling into the same broad category as a knife or sharply pointed instrument;

    With the good reason you can carry a lock knife but you are usually stopped going away from your permission on a road and it's just far easier to carry something less obvious

    I have never seen a rabbit or Roe deer I cannot butcher with a small knife and usually pop gut my rabbits leaving a lot of weight behind I don't use


  3. essex sniper

    essex sniper Banned

    Likes Received:
    You dont need anything to big mate and as long as its sharp any decent blade will do the job atb
  4. r10hunter

    r10hunter Honorary Member

    Likes Received:
    Do you really gralloch and butcher roe deer with a 3 inch non locking folding knife? No large fixed blade knife and no chest saw?
    When you make cuts with your index finger on the back of the blade don't you risk shutting the knife on your own hand as you cut?

    I don't think I will try it, I would cut my own fingers off.
    I think a fixed blade or locking blade is far safer as a hunting knife, and your reason for having it as far as the police are concerned is health and safety.
    Obviously knives should be in your kit bag or pocket when on the public road not strapped to your leg. But hunting is a reasonable excuse.
    Cheers Andy
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  5. 177

    177 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Berwick upon Tweed
    You don't need a saw of any kind for Roe

    A sharp knife can be used to slice up the centre of the ribcage with ease.

    I agree though, that it's something I'd rather tackle with a fixed blade or locking knife.

    I saw an Elk butchered out with a Swiss Army knife years back - the lady doing it was a veterinary surgeon and it was the neatest job I've ever seen and she did it in no time.

    Since the opening poster mentioned rabbit legs I'd like to suggest a potent and favourite combination of mine:

    Any small, thin knife - an Opinel no. 6 is more than adequate, or a Mora if you want to carry something more substantial for bushcrafty nonsense.

    Rabbit legs are a b****r to process unless you learn how to quickly and accurately separate the joint itself. The bones are incredibly tough - I have a high end Scandi knife here in my study with chips out of the edge where an attempt was made at a rabbit's shin bone (not by me).

    Basically, you can snip both front or both back legs at the same time with secateurs, then slice the remaining skin or other soft tissue to fully separate them if the secateurs don't take them off cleanly. An inexpensive cleaver can be useful on a chopping block for the same purpose, but that's only valid if, like me, you often have over 100 rabbits at a time to process. For the odd brace or two here and there I'd take secateurs every day of the week - they're socially acceptable, they're incredibly handy to help you build hides or trim brush out of the way to clear an opening to take a shot from cover, and they only cost a few quid.

    Pigeon breasting is quick and easy; slice or tear the skin in the middle of the breast and yank open to reveal the breast meat. Jam your thumb in at the top centre and force it under the breast meat, and pull the breast away from the bird. If you absolutely must use a knife you can slice the breast free at the bottom. If you're like me (heathen that I am) I just yank the breast out in one - I don't use a knife at all when processing pigeons because the skin is so thin covering the breast.

    Rabbits: front legs X 2 with secateurs, back legs x 2 with secateurs, slice the skin across the back just enough to open it up a little, grab the back skin in both hands and yank apart firmly. This leaves you with half of the skin around it's ankles and tail, and half around its front ankles and neck. Slice around the neck (if you absolutely have to use a knife) or just twist it off.

    The only time I really use a knife is to trim off the feet if the secateurs didn't do it cleanly, and to bone the meat off the carcass. Rabbit bones are fiddly and increase the bulk if you intend freezing. I spend a few minutes with a sharp and thin knife boning the meat off the carcass. Takes 4 minutes or so once you get the knack and you end up with a complete roll of meat with zero bones. Well worth the effort. You can Google for destructions on how to do it and if you have a decent number to process for storage it reduces the amount of freezer space required and makes them easier to cook with.

    FYI there is no such thing as 440 Toledo steel.

    440 is a type of stainless and there are three main grades of it used for knives: 440A, 440B and 440C

    Of the three 440C is OK and can be made into a good knife with the right heat treatment, but loads of badly heat treated 440C or inferior 440A and 440B knives have, over the years, given '440' as a generic term a relatively poor reputation as a knife steel.

    "Toledo steel" refers to the historically famous steel that used to come from that region and, in the example you linked to, i used as marketing speak to imply the knife is something better than it could possibly be due to regional influences. In plain English, it's a load of nonsense....

    Small, thin, sharp for anything that isn't bone related.

    Secateurs, an inexpensive cleaver or even a small hatchet works great in quickly removing legs bones.

    Secateurs and an Opinel no. 6 will easily give you change out of £20 and last you donkeys years, but some people feel they want or need more.

    I'd suggest you Google on how to breast a pigeon and also how to skin and/or bone out a rabbit. You will probably be surprised at how little a knife is used unless you get to boning out the carcass.

    I can breast a pigeon in a few seconds with no knife. Handy, when you have a pile of them to get through :)

    Good luck finding something suitable.
  6. Barcelona68

    Barcelona68 Banned

    Likes Received:
    Your Mom

    Lol.. I have two of those British Army survival knives... They weigh about half a kilo each, are big and unweildly and are made to hack through 45 gallon oil drums and the sides of aircraft..... Absolutely zero use for your needs...

    You can't go wrong with a Mora....


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