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Walther CP99

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by Lion, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Lion

    Lion Newbie

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    Hello, I have up for sale the following;

    Walther cp99 (nickel top, so the most expensive out the range)
    Comes with case
    2x magazines
    Pressure pad laser dot sight
    Original Walther Silencer
    Spare grip
    Whatever co2 capsules i have left (about 5 i think)

    Not had much use at all, probably not even broke in yet, ran about 2400 pellets through it, and 200 darts. Mainly only used it for water rats etc. Got reported for backyard shooting so hardly used it over the last year. The Walther has fantasic reviews though on build quality (why i bought it), and i havnt read a review yet of one that has lost power etc, probably because all the internal main seals are built into the cartrige holder for the co2 (which is inserted into the handle, where the magazine of a real firearm would be), and these are easy and cheap to replace should they ever go wrong. But there is no faults with this gun whatsoever

    Sorry about poor pics, dark room and -rubbish- camera! The gun is not marked at all, and still in prestine condition! very reluctant to sell :(

    With original silencer and laser dot sight

  2. y2kfireblade

    y2kfireblade Active Member

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    would you split the laser and silencer?
  3. steizere

    steizere Member

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    how much ?

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