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Timeline of air rifles

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by render87, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. render87

    render87 Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Bishop Auckland
    Hi all i was wondering if anybody knew if there were any timelines of air rifle releases. im sure ive seen a BSA one before but cant find any now im looking for BSA/HW/Air Arms. Firstly just curious and think

    it would be interesting and secondly was wanting to buy a air rifle from the year i was born and see what was made in 1987 cheers any links would be appreciated thanks
  2. tomsteebs

    tomsteebs Donator

    Likes Received:
    Either ChambersSpares or johnknibbs has a BSA dating system on there website if that helps.

    No lonely hearts column though haha.
  3. martin22

    martin22 Donator

    Likes Received:
    heres some hw info
    First HW rifle produced: 1951
    5100 Manufactured 1955
    5138 Manufactured 1955
    31151 Manufactured 1955
    44485 Manufactured 1956
    51322 Manufactured 1956
    58446 Manufactured 1957
    72243 manufactured 1959
    76244 Manufactured 1960
    120662 Manufactured 1962
    142447 Manufactured 1964
    149423 Manufactured 1965
    195863 Manufactured 1965
    200000 manufactured 1966
    241065 Manufactured 1966
    395231 Manufactured 1968
    296000 Manufactured 1969
    309345 Manufactured 1969
    322960 Manufactured 1969
    332966 Manufactured 1969
    333015 Manufactured 1969
    333219 Manufactured 1970
    346900 Manufactured 1970
    357053 Manufactured 1970
    373816 Manufactured 1970
    375788 Manufactured 1970
    400000 Manufactured 1972
    401391 Manufactured 1972
    423452 Manufactured 1972
    469655 Manufactured 1973
    480574 Manufactured 1973
    496842 Manufactured 1973
    512990 Manufactured 1974
    583245 Manufactured 1975
    600000 Manufactured 1976
    612502 Manufactured 1976
    613000 Single sided safety introduced ?
    623997 Manufactured 1976
    624554 Manufactured 1976
    670138 Manufactured 1977
    671143 Manufactured 1977
    702045 Manufactured 1979
    741394 Manufactured 1979
    755000 HW35 changes from 12mm to 9mm scope rail
    778058 Manufactured 1980
    785538 Manufactured 1980
    800000 Manufactured 1980
    843636 HW 35 changes from Leather to Nylon Piston seal and double sided safety.
    890268 Manufactured 1980
    902189 Manufactured 1981
    902315 Manufactured 1981
    926011 Manufactured 1983
    1000000 manufactured 1983.
    1000375 manufactured 1983
    1001845 manufactured 1983
    January 1984 MK 1 HW 77 released in UK
    1003486 was delivered in 1984
    1003582 was delivered in 1984
    1003986 manufactured 1984
    1007970 manufactured 1984
    1011026 was delivered in 1984
    1011108 was delivered in 1984
    1016650 was delivered in 1985
    1016823 manufactured 1985
    October 1985 MK2 77 anounced
    1021358 Earliest known MK2 so far
    1023310 manufactured 1985
    1037060 Purchased new 16th July 1985
    1032802 purchased new 1986
    1036521 was delivered in 1987
    1036528 was delivered in 1987
    1041261 was delivered in 1987
    1139541 was delivered in 1988
    1139761 purchased new 1988
    1178259 born 1989
    1181401 was delivered in 1989
    1181555 was delivered in 1989
    1181588 was delivered in 1989
    1182580 manufactured 1990
    1183140 bought new in 1990
    1186081 manufactured 1990
    1188451 was delivered in 1990
    1233526 Manufactured in 1991
    1288125 was delivered in 1993
    1288752 manufactured 1993
    1289991 manufactured 1993
    1302969 manufactured 1993
    1364279 was delivered in 1994
    1370364 produced in 1995
    1446049 HW 77 switch from 25mm to 26mm cylinder
    1459697 was delivered 1998
    1538821 bought new in 2001
    1551576 was delivered in 2001
    1576934 was delivered in 2002
    1616583 produced in 2004
    1687223 was delivered in 2006

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