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This Morning

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by SnowMan, May 21, 2007.

  1. SnowMan

    SnowMan Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Hi people, this is posted in a few forums, 2 I haven't posted in yet, 1 I have
    Anyway, me and the wife had a French guy staying here over the weekend, he left at 7:30 this morning, so I thought I would go and check my shooting grounds for morning life (never been early yet), pulled the car up, had a look round, no sign of life, went for a stroll down the field, couple of rabbits in the distance, to far away to shoot, walked down the field, nothing, got down into a dip, 1 rabbit legged it away from me and gone, another missed, I decided to walk along a tree line, a tree rat right in front of me, took the safety off aimed, missed, bloody thing legged it, oh well, turned round, took 3 steps, another one there, took aim, got it, walked slowly back to the car with my tree rat, not sure what you lot do with your kills, but this one I thought I would treat the local wildlife, mainly buzzards
    Drove to my second shooting ground, instead of going into the farm yard and walking up the hill I decided to start at the top of the hill, pulled up by the gate, tree rat in front of me, legged it up a tree, got myself sorted, jacket, rifle, etc, got into the field, loaded my S410K magazine, had a look up the tree, tree rat was branch hoping, followed it down the tree line, took a couple of shots, got it, fell to the ground and crawled under the roots of a dead tree, no way to get it out, looked back up the tree line, another one heading towards me, took aim, got it, this wanted to play hide and seek with me, went around the other side the tree, it had gone, not in the tree, not on the ground, it did a Houdini on me, I spent 10 minutes looking up this tree for it, when I noticed another one about 15 yards to my right, took aim, clean kill, between the ear and the eye (never realized how much the eye bulges out when they are hit), spent another 10 min looking for Houdini, no sign of him, left the headshot for the buzzards again

    The pic's below is the first one tree rat

  2. magicaxeman

    magicaxeman Member

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    If you only take headshots you wont have them legging it on you..

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