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the rapid increase percenetage of Prostate Cancer

Discussion in 'General chit chat' started by jantar, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. jantar

    jantar Donator

    Likes Received:
    Whetstone, Leicesterhire
    Prostate cancer now appears to be the more serious cancer (because it is insidious and has few symptoms) that is being hidden from the public view. I have just received a letter from its dedicated charity whom I support and its reading was quite worrying. It now transpires that this is the cancer with the highest percentage per male population growth in the UK and is rapidly overtaking the 'womens' range of cancers that they are particularly susceptible to. Its now time for a serious look at the distribution of the funds allocated for cancer research. ALL cancers deserve to have the same level of funding.
    My question is why has this massive disparity of funding been allowed to happen? Are women more important than men? Why is there such an intensive female cancers advertising campaign? Why have the funds available for research not been more fairly allocated?
    When all is said and done it was women who fought for equal rights for them so lets have a bit of the equality they feel is so important allocated to we men. Its time men made their opinions on this matter known to the powers that be or it will be we men who will suffer because we did not act!
    In closing I have nothing against women and up to now I have fully supported their research too. From today my monthly contributions will be changed to support both charities and they will be 90% for men and 10% for women until fairness reigns.
    Sorry ladies, but men are equally as important as ladies and deserve to be treated as such.
  2. Elk hunter

    Elk hunter Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    Charities give you only the information that backs them up to help increases there bank ballance. They are all run as businesses with some very high paid people involved. Charities are optional wheather you give a donation or not, unlike the state benifits which is compulsory to the tax payer like me.

    If you feel so strongly write to your MP. He helped you last time with your cash flow problem...

  3. jantar

    jantar Donator

    Likes Received:
    Whetstone, Leicesterhire
    Sorry Andrew but I must take umbrage with your comments.
    That Charities act as they do is maybe so but the bigger problem that is now being noticed is that there has been massive ongoing publicity originating from the charities dedicated to pursuit of female health. Male aimed charities are being brushed aside unfairly. My OP intention was to draw attention to that detail in the hopes that more men would try to redress the out of proportion balance. All I can assume from some attitudes is that men are not that interested in their own health and readily accept that the greater research will be towards female 'cancers'. Fortunately my latest scancs were all clear. How many man are wandering about not knowing they have prostate cancer because there are no symptoms? Lumps in female breasts are a sign and that is where the disparity begins. Does 'no symptoms' really bring them to believe that there is therefore no danger?
    Yes, I have also written to my MP and his response was supportive. He is going to see what can be done to raise more awareness of the problem.
    In response to the comment about how he previously assisted me I can only say that the HMRC have now formally apologised and have also paid compensation for their shortcomings. Maybe if more acted as I did then the HMRC would be forced to up their game and ensure that the Tax Credit departments are 'fit for purpose' instead of the never ending constant errors and little impact being made on the backlog due to yet more errors being made.
    If I have concerns about anything of a serious matter I act, I do not just moan about it and hope that someone else will act for me because that leads to no action at all.
    Hope that now clarifies my reasoning on these serious matters.
  4. gargloit

    gargloit Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    I have sympathies with the OP on this. I saw a TV program on the subject quite a few years ago now. One comment was about the very many millions that are spend on treating and investigating breast cancer, and compared it to the then few hundred thousand pound spend on the equivalent treatments and investigations for prostate cancer. One of the many possible reasons for this is that prostate cancer is predominantly an old man's disease and who gives much of a toss about the old. The other is that, according to the program, if a man was perfectly fit and healthy as it's possible to be then he will die if prostate cancer. Every man who lives long enough will die of prostate cancer.

    Politics plays a huge part in this. Compare it, for instance, with AIDS. Shock horror because gays, and particularly famous gays (formerly known as homosexuals) have died of it. Never mind the druggies who share needles, the people who will Censored anything with an orifice, anywhere, anyhow, any time. The vast amount of money spent in finding a cure and on treatment for AIDS eclipses, I suspect, that spent on breast cancer by several leagues. Even the name had to be abandoned for the unpleasantness it became associated with and now it's 'HIV positive'. Remember the famous hand holding of an AIDS sufferer by Princess Diana? She was hardly likely to be filmed sticking her finger up the bum of a prostate cancer sufferer to check it's progress. (On second thoughts, maybe not. By all accounts she was a bit of a goer.)
  5. ratman60

    ratman60 Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    hello, i not going to comment on this tit for tat expressions like cash flow problem/bit of a goer, cancer of any kind is not to be of less important to those that have been diagnosed, yes these charities seem to concentrate on different funding systems but one thing is certain being told you have the dreaded disease in what ever stage hits you like, well i am sure you can imagine, so my advice to all forum members who are mostly male with this cancer mentioned is regular checks and if you feel any difference in well you know go straight to your GP, i recently went on an awareness day and can assure you that those men who felt arkward going to their GP had left it far to late if you understand, some where lucky like me and yes now there are good treatments but all come at a price with the human body, but then its better than our ultimate fate.

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