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Sterling HR81 .22 stripdown

Discussion in 'Technical' started by paulnewman, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. paulnewman

    paulnewman Member

    Likes Received:
    torquay, devon

    i am new to forum & not uploaded before so i could not upload my written info made? however, having bought one of the sterling hr81 a little while ago as it seemed a nice unusual gun, i then needed to find out how to strip and maintain it, but found nothing, i trusted myself to have ago as i have taken apart my hw97 many times & this is what i came up with & hope it helps some of you like me

    also i have pic of stock/trigger guard & written info on new thread.

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2009
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  2. paulnewman

    paulnewman Member

    Likes Received:
    torquay, devon
    sterling hr81 .22 strip update


    written info i made as i went through hr81 .22 stripdown, but i cannot accept responsibilty for any errors made in this stripdown, at your risk!
    however it seemed to work for me after some thought. please read this through 1st before attempting. see other pics already on earlier thread.
    (have slightly changed wording on cylinder removal to try & make it clearer)

    stock removal

    1. unscrew the 2 front side hex screws and remove washers from outer wooden stock sides. But, do not overtighten the screws upon refitting as the underlever arm will fowl the screws which can go through the side securing plates too much.
    2. trigger guard: unscrew front short wood screw & very long rear screw

    trigger and sear

    1. viewing the trigger assembly, punch out the 2 pins holding the front sear and rear trigger area. the trigger holds a lower springwhich simply rests on the base of the cylinder, with a grub screw adjuster inside the trigger for this spring.
    2. now ease out the front sear & its return spring, this long spring fits inside the welded section of the trigger frame and rests against the rear face of the sear, note which way round the sear goes!
    3. the sear is also adjustable, use the other grub screw within the trigger which faces the sear

    underlever removal

    1. orientate the gun barrel facing to your left, front sight nearest to you, at rear sight weld area. this large screw head is then unscrewed as this is an inner screw to the main pin screw locking the pin which once removed the main pin is unscrewed to remove.
    2. this main arm has 2 inner thin washers either side of the side plate.
    3.drift out & remove lower arm pivot pin, then the lower lever can be eased away from the slot in the piston.

    main cylinder to barrel removal

    1. now hod the gun barrel upright, view the cylinder top end, located hear are 2 large hex nuts to remove as they hold the upper & lower parts of the main cylinder & barrel assembly together.
    2. once removed the barrel & cylinder are seperated from one another as individual units.
    3. do not loose the small silicone seal washer from the cylinder upper port.

    barrel & bolt knob removal

    1. the back end of the barrel section is held in a vice (carefully) to help unscrew the back end of the bolt/probe assembly
    2. once off look inside the back of the bolt probe to see a small grub screw, undo this. this fixes the bolt knob.
    3. next, take note of the orientation of the bolt probe as the air venting from the cylinder must line up correctly when the probe is refitted.
    4. unscrew the bolt knob, be aware the probe has a large return spring & could pop out suddenly (mine did not)
    5. remove probe, spring & check the end small silicone seal at the front end.

    main cylinder & piston removal

    1. NOTE: the main spring has a very strong preload!!! carefully place the end back screw plug of the cylinder (trigger direction) into a vice to hold very secure.
    2. now unscrew the main part of the cylinder slowly to release the thread /spring tension which can be very sudden when it releases (4 - 5 treads on mine)
    3. when spring is released, take out of vice. back section contains main spring complete with guide, then push out cylinder.
    4. to remove the leather washer/seal, place the piston in vice so as to access the end 2 holes to unscrew with long nose pliers.

    reverse proceedure to carefully put gun back together

    NOTE: to get the spring/piston back into the cylinder, i pushed against a wall with a cloth at the back threaded plug
    and pushed hard against the wall with the cylinder & turned it into the thread plug that way, as the vice may not hold it securely enough!!


    paul (buckley wood airgun club, devon)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2009
    Paul Chell and talent like this.
  3. onestepbeyond

    onestepbeyond Member

    Likes Received:
    It helped me :). Thanks mate.
  4. gunsnlandies

    gunsnlandies Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    A Titan No6 spring can replace the original should one be needed. I have one fitted in mine.
    Should you not be able to undo the piston seal from the end, it can be released from the inside with a long hex key or hex bit on an extension driven by a ratchet if it is to tight. This i how I had to do mine.

  5. Alex.mc

    Alex.mc Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    I stripped and internally restored my neighbours HR81 a while back. The new spring was quite a job to get in, but it certainly improved matters, taking the gun from a measly 6 ft/lbs to 10.4 ft/lbs. I also made up a 0.25 ptfe inner bush/liner for the rear half of the spring as it was quite loose on the guide, and also a conventional 0.25 ptfe liner for the inside of the piston.
    I also polished up the trigger sears as best as I could, which inproved the trigger a fair bit.

    After it all went back together it shot with a nice "Thonk" rather than the massive "Twang" of before. It shoots rather nicely now and my neighbour is pleased as punch! I thought it was quite accurate?
  6. jeremy

    jeremy Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Macroom, County Cork, Rep. of Ireland
    very well written, well done that will help others a lot, that is what this forum is all about well done and welcome
  7. Dean fellows

    Dean fellows Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Hi new to this I have just bought 3 rifles from an elder gentleman moving house 2 of them work perfect but the best of the bunch is the hr81 very clean and a nice looking rifle but here we have a problem I popped in a pellet cocked it and fired and nothing so I got a knitting needle and the pellet came out well 2 so I just thought it had jammed but that would be too easy so I’ve stripped it this afternoon and I think the end of the piston has come off and the bottom of the spring guide now there is some thread showing and wondering if the end screws on and if any one knows it would be a massive help because I can get some threaded bar to remove the part but if not dose anyone know how to remove regards
  8. johnbaz

    johnbaz Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    Sheffield, UK
    Like a pratt I swapped my HR81 years ago for a cra**y Gamo 1200 pump action Co2 rifle, Must have been barmy, I can't even recall what I did with the Spanish lump of scrap!! :oops:

  9. Brock1Rgj

    Brock1Rgj Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Madness ...sheer madness .You'll never get over that you know .
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  10. kt83

    kt83 Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Tunbridge wells
    Cock the rifle and return the underlever first before operating the bolt and inserting pellet in breech otherwise you are fighting against a vacuum.
    Same applies to other tap, rotary breech type rifles.

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