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Advice Silencers –– 56 Of Them! With Specs + Loudness Tests + Photos

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by JungleShooter, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. JungleShooter

    JungleShooter Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Lima, PERU
    56-Silencer Specs Table

    New silencers are out! (including 2 from Weihrauch, with good looks)

    New silencer tests are out!

    Here is a Silencer Specs Table comparing 56 silencers, mostly for PCPs. That’s the first PDF attachment.
    Included are length, girth, weight. Calibers available. Connectors available. Prices.

    A second PDF attachment shows photos of some of the silencers.

    Table of Contents and Overview
    • Silencer Specs Table – Sorted by Length
    56 Silencers
    13 Silencer Loudness Comparison Tests
    From 0.88" (2.2cm) thin – to 2.0" (5.1cm) thick
    From 2.9" (7.4cm) short – to 10.50" (26.7cm) long
    From $26 to $270
    In 6 calibers. From .177 to .50 (4.5mm to 12.7mm)
    With 6 extensions, to create your mega or monster silencer, up to almost 17" (43cm)!

    Also included:
    • Silencers – Limited to Certain Gun Brands or Models or Springers
    • Makers of Custom Silencers
    • Loudness Comparisons: Test Details
    • Links to Some Sellers and Prices
    • Photos of Some of the Silencers ➔ separate file!

    Happy silencer shopping!


    ❌ Attachment 1:
    SILENCER Specs Table. 23. 2021-01.pdf

    ❌ Attachment 2:

    SILENCER Photos. 23. 2021-01.pdf

    Attached Files:

  2. jesim1

    jesim1 Kit bitch to the Stars

    Likes Received:
    Wigan/St Helens
    Hi Matthias

    You clearly put a lot of time and effort into this, and I applaud your commitment to doing this kind of stuff, but realistically, the first and foremost thing people want to know about a moderator is how effective it is, and unfortunately, in that respect, your table completely misses the mark :oops: A moderator is to quieten the gun, and no matter how many specs you put into your table it just does not give you any indication of the moderators effectiveness, for that you need them all to be tested on the same gun/calibre/power/conditions and equally measured both at the muzzel and say 30m or 50m downrange. Now that would be interesting ;)

    Are you doing this as part of a college paper or similar? I do admire the sheer volume of information you gather on many products and then openly post the information out of forums, so I'm trying to be constructively critical rather than knock your work, because it's way more than I have ever gathered and tabulated. I'm just wondering if your asking the right questions when your doing it? :rolleyes:

    pjgtech likes this.
  3. Lordy 74

    Lordy 74 Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    Leigh , Lancashire
    Wow , big job that , well done there.
  4. JungleShooter

    JungleShooter Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Lima, PERU
    James, :)
    thanks for your appreciation and your suggestions! :thumb:

    ➔➔ Maybe I need to make this clearer in the table....

    ▪ The first column of the table tell us what calibers are available for the particular model.
    The next 13 columns are the test results of airgunners who have tested certain silencers they had available.

    ▪ The test conditions are described at the end of the table in the section entitled Loudness Comparisons: Test Details.

    Comparisons of test results
    It is not advisable to make comparisons between loudness numbers of different tests, but only between loudness numbers within the same test.
    Here the shopper can see how certain models — under certain conditions — compare to each other.

    Testing ALL 56 silencers.... :thumb:
    Of course, I wished the testers would include more silencers in their tests....
    However, to make a comparison test of all 56 silencers, you'd have to spend more money than you'd need to buy a used car....

    :loser: When selecting and using a silencer there are certain general principles
    Taking those principles into account can assure you're getting the most out of using a silencer on the AG:

    (1) Springersdon't benefit much from a silencer.

    (2) High power uses more more air, thus creates more noise, so a silencer on a FAC gun really makes a different — and which model exactly seems to not be so important — most mid-priced and higher models have good performance.

    (3) A shrouded PCP with a silencer is quieter than the same gun with that silencer but without the shroud.

    (4) PCP power tuning: A PCP with 12FPE ME that is tuned to produce that power with a long burst of air at a lower regulator pressure will produce more noise than a 12FPE PCP tuned to give a short burst of air at a higher pressure (=harder hammer spring tension, with higher regulator pressure).

    (5) What we're interested in as airgunners is not hearing protection, but neighbour protection.... (protection FROM them, really!).
    So, if the silencer changes the perception of the sound from a SHOT to a THUD or to something other than a sharp crack — all is well.

    (6) On GTA we recently has a long discussion of how to measure silencer effectiveness — and it is hugely complicated matter. Way complicated.....
    ➔ Maybe pick out a couple of silencers you like from the list — and ask around in your local gun clubs or the forums for people who have one or more of the models on your wish list. ➔ Meet, try out, buy them a drink, and buy yourself the model that performed to your liking!

    :loser: Why all those specs? How do they help?
    I agree that a silencer should decrease the loudness of the gun. Of course.
    However, the tests and comments on the forums seem to point to the fact that a mid-priced or higher priced silencer will do a pretty good job decreasing loudness.
    So, then the purchase decision comes down to other specs, like:
    ▪ Some don't like a can hanging off their barrel, they want a silencer with a small diameter.
    ▪ Some don't want to make their short gun much longer, so to them length is the critical spec.
    ▪ Some are price conscious.
    ▪ Some like the cool lines and indentations of a Hugget or the new Weihrauch XL — a plain Jane silencer on their four-digit priced airgun isn't going to cut it for them.
    ▪ Some don't want to mess with an adaptor, and want to know if a silencer model has the right connector for their gun.

    :loser: How some of my Specs Tables came into being
    After getting bogged down with trying to compare the products that were out there, clicking from one webpage to the next, sometimes not getting the info I needed — I decided to make a specs table for myself:
    For .22 high BC pellets, HP pellets, slugs, scopes, adjustable scope mounts, bullpups, synthetic stock springers — and silencers....

    And well, then I thought there must be others like me that want to know what exactly is out there in the market. :)
    And buy just the right product, not just what they happened to find in the time they spent on their internet search.

    And so, for others to understand my Specs Tables I wrote some explanations and tried to keep them updated. :thumb:
    Sure, they are US-based, but most products that are available in the US are also available in the UK — the leading country for all things airguns! :)

    I hope it helps some!

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2021
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  5. jesim1

    jesim1 Kit bitch to the Stars

    Likes Received:
    Wigan/St Helens
    This reminds me of the punchline to a joke I've heard about a manager and an engineer, but basically it ends like this:

    MANAGER: You must be an engineer, because although I'm sure you have given me all the information and been diligent in doing so, you have still not answered my question and I'm no better off :facepalm:

    ENGINEER: You must be a manager, because although I've given you all the information to help you, somehow it's still my fault :eek:
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  6. JungleShooter

    JungleShooter Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Lima, PERU

    thanks for giving me a chuckle and producing a wide grin on my face after some difficult hours!

    Greetings from Peru,

    jesim1, MoggyM and DSTM like this.

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