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Sig Sauer X5 .177 Co2 Air Pistol

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by Mr Man, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Mr Man

    Mr Man Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    As I am disabled I find getting out can be difficult. Hence I bought this air pistol mail order after watching what i felt was a good review (does one mention reviewers by name?) So, I only came to handle it when it arrived delivered to my door.

    Mine is the dull silver finish, they had no all Black on stock. It looks very nice, feels like an actual firearm in the hand. It seems to be pretty accurate, though I am far better using with the Umarex Laser I have fitted on the one picatinny rail on the underside of the barrel

    To my mind it is heavy; I've just weighed it and with the Co2 and full magazine installed it weighs in at 1302 grams or c. 2 .8 lb ... Personally I would not wish to be shot with it nor be slammed 'up side the head' with it. The rear sights are adjustable for elevation and windage. The front sight has a white dot, but there is none on the rear.

    It is as I am sure everyone knows blow-back in operation ... It has a fair 'bark' it seems to me. As I am no expert nor have a Chronograph to gather F.P.S. data, the pistol to me seems to fire perfectly well for about 70 shots with a Milbro Co2 bulb in room temperature conditions of 19c.

    My grip is admittedly not great these days but the blow back seems to move the pistol a great deal. Fast repeat shooting is difficult I find.


    * Apparent quality of manufacture.... All steel apart from the 20 plastic/alloy link pellet chain feed magazine + pistol grips. But all good quality.
    * Looks and feels like a firearm if that matters to someone
    * Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger
    * Solid two sided, positive safety lever
    * Blow back is fun and adds to realism
    * Super easy Co2 insertion: Click open rear of grip with the little toggle switch. This opens the rear of the grip and then drop in 12 oz Co2 bulb.. Hand close shut to pierce bulb ... Very simple, very easy
    * Co2 is empty when the hammer closes itself.


    * Heavy piece of kit. Lovely, but heavy handle IMO.
    * Magazine chain is often hard to move when loading, indeed it can jam when loading.
    * Magazine/pistol seems to be quite particular about pellets ....

    + Game Keeper Rat Dispatcher 0.54 grams: Flat nose. Supplied with pistol and they never missed a pellet.
    + Umarex Mosquito 0.48 grams: Flat nose, 1 in 20 fails to leave the magazine
    + BSA Storm 0.49 grams: Domed, 3 (minimum) out of 20 fail to leave the magazine ...... I have checked clearance of the dome vs chain mounting; the Storm pellet does not protrude nor foul.

    * No slide lock back at empty - It leads to dry firing too often for my comfort.
    * Trigger action is very long and quite notchy as it works the chain magazine. It appears to be a long one stage action, maybe it is just me.
    * Hammer stays back as long as there is Co2 pressure.... Which I frankly do not like much.
    * Whilst simple to load Co2, I find it very hard to remove the bulb ... I do not always shoot a full bulb. Whilst I know one can leave a bulb in for a week before damage to the seal happens, if I am unwell it could be for weeks ... So there is no point leaving the bulb into the last minute IMO.

    When you release the housing section on the grip it drops back about 1 inch, no Co2 escapes .... Whether the bulb has indicated it is empty (hammer drops) or is partially full one, then one has to very firmly pull the lever down, with a huge blast of gas .... First time I thought I had broken my wrist and small plastic hinge cover in the base fell off. Not user friendly, again only IMO.

    My personal conclusion:

    If I had my time again, I would not have bought this gun... It fires OK, it hits the target OK, it's front sight is dotted and OK. It's build quality appears good, the blow back is fun but it has for me personally speaking many issues I don't like so much.

    But of course, it is all personal taste and the world is very definitely, "Your terrorist is my freedom fighter'
  2. ibo7

    ibo7 Very Active

    Likes Received:
    Great review there buddy:thumb:
    Rattymcrattyface likes this.
  3. Rattymcrattyface

    Rattymcrattyface hurrr duurrrr

    Likes Received:
    South Wales
    Agreed what a review cheers.

    I get about 70 shots with my sig m17 btw. Great fun but heavy on ammo. :D:thumb::thumb:
  4. Fusty Fieldcrafter

    Fusty Fieldcrafter Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    North Yorkshire
    Good read. Thanks for posting.
  5. GeeTee

    GeeTee Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    Hi Mr Man, a great review, I bought a Silver X5 a few months back thinking it would be the best thing since 'sliced bread' so to speak, like you I found it wasn't, the Silver was painted on & not very well neither, the trigger was awful, I decided it had to go, since replaced with the Sig M17 & that my friend is a superb
  6. Mr Man

    Mr Man Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Thank you for the positive feedback people; appreciated.

    @ GeeTee ..... Indeed, the trigger is a bizarre thing ... But then again it was my first foray into the arena and I have learnt a great deal about what I do not want... So not a total loss.

    It has also taught me to get my sorry butt down to the nearest gun shop and at least try the things out in person before purchase.

    Indeed I have another very short review of a blue painted 6mm BB single shot P66 ... Short because I could not even cock the thing! Now I know I lack strength but even so, I checked the box for steroids. My wife is no weakling and she could barely move the spring either ..... We instantly sent that back and still await the refund which the supplier promised :soap:

    In this life, experience always costs something to attain.

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