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Very Important Sales Rules

Discussion in 'Private Airgun and Accessories Sales' started by Andy, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Administrative Staff Member Founder

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    Sales Approval

    New sales/swap threads will not show publicly until they have been approved by a member of staff. Before this happens you must:

    1. Complete the ‘My Personal Seller Info’ field in your profile (this is a private field that can only be seen by admin staff) with your full Name, Address, Post Code, a Telephone Number and (if you have one) your PayPal payment address.

    2. Include in at least one photo of the item for sale/swap a note laid next to the item that clearly shows your forum username and the date (same date as the advert). An example of what we want can be found here.

    Failure to do either of the above means your advert will not be approved.


    1. Do not list items for sale or swap that you have listed elsewhere. This was introduced as multiple cross-forum listings can cause many problems - especially when a user says ‘I’ll take it’, only to be told it has been sold on another forum. You can however, list items if you have multiples of the same or you are making multiples of items for sale.

    2. All items advertised on airgunforum.co.uk must be available 'exclusively' to our members; by advertising elsewhere you cannot guarantee your item would be available. Adverts for items that are also for sale elsewhere will be deleted without warning, while members who repeatedly break this rule will permanently lose their access to the sales section.

    3. Do not list items for sale on behalf of other people; you must own the item that is for sale.

    4. Do not include any additional personal or contact information in the ad (such as your real name, contact number or email address); this is to both protect the seller against spam and ensure that all initial contact from buyers is made through AGF - giving exclusive buying rights to our members.

    In the interest of buyer protection sales should take place as the result of an approved advert in the sales or wanted section; which also allows both parties to leave feedback for the other. Anyone caught repeatedly offering items for sale via PM or outside the sales section will risk a permanent ban from the forum.


    1. Do not post replies in a Sales Post by saying something that may decrease the probability of a sale/swap.

    2. Do not post replies unless you’re interested in buying the item. If you wish to point out a problem to the seller, do so by PM.


    First to say they will have the item in the For Sale thread gets the item at the advertised or agreed price. Please note that in the interest of transparency, under normal circumstances commitment to buy on the thread has priority over that sent via PM.


    You must state a price when selling an item, but you can put ‘open to offers’ with a starting price if you wish.


    1. You must check/update your thread every 24 hours. If it's still for sale please keep other members informed by adding a post to your thread. Once sold; make a post stating that your item is now sold then admin will update your thread and move it to the Sales Graveyard.

    2. If you click on ‘Watch Thread’ this will alert you of any posts in your thread – this can even be set to alert you by email if you wish.

    3. Do not 'bump' more than once in 24 hours.

    Every time an advertisement is bumped to the top of the list by the seller all other advertisements drops down the page.

    A seller who bumps an advertisement more than once in 24 hours will find that it disappears, continued aggressive bumps could result in restricted forum access.

    4. Threads not bumped or updated for a period of two weeks or more will be sent to the Sales Graveyard.

    Deleting or Editing Threads

    Never delete or edit anything out of a For Sale advert - just post an update in your thread with the reason. If it does not sell in the time scale you wanted you can put ‘no longer for sale’ or ‘withdrawn from sale’ as a new post.

    Free Items

    1. Any items offered for free should be listed in the Free Items sub-forum found in Private Airgun and Accessory Sales.

    2. No payment is to be requested for free items beyond a nominal and proportionate reimbursement for postage costs as necessary.

    3. Items listed in the free items sub-forum do not require moderator approval. Anyone posting items for sale / swaps in this sub-forum in an attempt to circumvent the need for approval will lose their sales access.

    FAC Rated Items

    1. All FAC rated items must be clearly marked as such in the advert and must only be available to FAC licence holders.

    2. All sales must be 'Face-to-Face' or via a RFD.

    3. Any FAC item offered without following these rules will result in a ban and/or being reported to your local Police if deemed appropriate.

    Replica, Imitation and deactivated Firearms

    Do not advertise for sale or request the purchase of deactivated or imitation firearms on airgunforum; this includes inert replicas, airsoft and blank firing guns and their parts.

    This extends to Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) and those that are coloured to avoid being defined as such, as well as those whose date of design exempts them from RIF status.

    Pellet and 4.5mm steel BB-firing airguns and antique firearms / those in obsolete calibres can be freely advertised on airgunforum.

    Counterfeit Goods

    Do not advertise fake, counterfeit or imitation goods on airgunforum.co.uk. This includes items with branding that seeks to replicate that of others, as well those with logos and names that have been altered slightly to imitate other brands but circumvent copyright law.


    Sales/trade/swaps of live animals/reptiles are not allowed on this forum.

    Under 18s

    No one under the age of 18 is allowed to buy or sell airguns via this forum; it is your responsibility to ensure that both the buyer and seller are 18 or older.

    Competitions & Raffles

    1. Friendly competitions and raffles may be held by members to celebrate post count achievements; i.e. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 etc. however, these must be free to enter and only airgun related items may be given away.

    2. Fees for entry or cash prizes can only take place with the express, written permission of the airgunforum.co.uk site owner or a member of the moderation team. Failure to do this could lead to laws being broken under the UK’s Gambling Commission’s regulations.
    4. Do not include any additional personal or contact information in the ad (such as your real name, contact number or email address); this is to both protect the seller against spam and ensure that all initial contact from buyers is made through AGF - giving exclusive buying rights to our members.
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