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S400 ...Pellet?

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Fog, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Fog

    Fog Engaging Member

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    After replacing my brilliant S200 i did not know whether the S400 carbine would be as good.
    I was wrong its just as good but still searching for that right pellet. With the S200 the Air Arms was by far the best but with this one i am not so sure.

    Anyone got a 400?
    Might put me in the right direction.
    I tell you this i have never seen so many different brands now. Being an old fart i managed to buy my Air Arms pellet in massive bulk at the closing of a Gunsmiths years ago.
    The same or almost the same brands are still there but the 'Hunter' This and the 'Vermin' that....Its a ruddy minefield.
    I feel like sticking to what i know best for the last 9 years but fancy a go.
    I picked 5 nine years ago but now i think you could pick a hundred to try:eek:

    Bloody minefield but i can still hit a pound coin at 40 yards with an AA pellet but its nice to have a change.

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