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Review For Gamo Maxxim Elite With Gamo W1pmh 3-9 X 40 Scope (bought New 2018)

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by Michael Hobbes, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Michael Hobbes

    Michael Hobbes Active Member

    Likes Received:
    had some experience prior to owning this but this was my first gun.
    No nonsense:

    You'll need to make sure you have all correct sized and shaped Allen keys.

    Check it every 40 pellets or it will fall apart.

    The scope is clear, easy but cheap- something will break.

    The mag system my lead to pellets dropped, squashed between the barrel and breech, pellets gouging the O ring.
    Is not necessarily faster or easier.

    mag system sets limitations of scope/ mount height, you need to clear the mag.

    I've not actually been able to use it without some issue.

    After using far superior quality air rifle, couldn't recommend.

    Reasons I chose this for my 1st air rifle:
    It was marketed great.
    It convinced me of the quality (as did any YT reviews).
    The 10 shot quick system and adjustable cheek piece has the illusion of utility for value.
    I didn't want pcp, as I didn't want to be constantly filling it up - especially when 90% of my shooting would be in the garden @25yrds.
    It was supplied with 2 mags, mount, scope, and the supplier threw in a gunbag.
    Was around £250 (I have seen it around £270)

    1st issue is not being supplied the correct amount of correct sized Allen keys.

    OK I'll admit I don't know if this is customary to be supplied with the correct Allen keys when buying a new gun and could be the supplier mistake, but Cmon. Basic safety.

    All guns require checking and tightening the screws,
    But I was only supplied the one star shaped key and despite it being 2 sized only one size fit the scope screws. The Key did not fit the stock to gun screws.

    I check every time but found I had to tighten every time at 80 - 100 pellets per session (I've gone though about 3000 3500 pellets with this gun to date)

    2nd issue 10 shot system is a useless feature in my case actually Damaged the 'O' ring.
    I have noticed pellets falling out on cocking.
    Both AA diablos and JSB exacts are my go to choices .177 (4.52mm and 4.53mm) -
    Loading by hand you wouldn't leave them sitting in the barrel so delicately. However with the 10 shot mag, I accidentally closed the barrel a little too quick for the rifle and the delicately fed pellet must have slipped, the pellet took a little bite out of the O ring, I didn't notice.

    OK so I can take the blame for my cocking technique (lol) but the alternative would be that the mag slipped the pellet too soon or not quite right. Either way I'd say that the mag system resulted In damage to the O ring. This kind of renders the gun useless untill its replaced. But its Easy and cheap to do.

    This problem presented as wild fliers in my groupings prompting me to check zero, change pellet, clean barrel, trawled the forum for solutions.. gave up grabbed a new gun ...

    After a few months of collecting dust I cleaned down the bloody thing and noticed the O ring was damaged, replaced that checked all the screws (so I thought)
    Fired off 10 pellets and it was wildly off zero, put it away.

    3rd issue today decided to zero, and after 5 pellets the small screw on the magnification dial disappeared. Leaving the dial to turn freely without it actually adjusting.
    Obviously an oversight on constantly checking the screws. Can't continue to fire this without further risk to scope so it will now return to the cupboard.

    4th issue scope and mount specs need to clear the mag system.

    This is trivial as your scope choice may or may not be compatible with or without additional mounts etc..

    Overall : I've had many minor issues, I've not been able to use the gun at times. ordering multiple bits and pieces having issues here and there. Ive not been able to actually just shoot the damn thing to find out if its capable of accuracy or not.

    luckily I didn't hold my breath for that accuracy and grabbed a HW97K with an Hawke airmax 30 SF compact scope a while ago . And absolutely love it. And couldn't in good conscious recommend a gamo .

    Happy shooting !
    Claypole and Vangard like this.
  2. Claypole

    Claypole Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    Harlow, Essex
    Nice review!

    I spent a few hours with one of these rifles, and it wrecked the Nikko Sterling scope that was on it. The recoil was harsh, despite feeling like quite a heavy rifle. The trigger wasn't great either...

    I think people get drawn to the multishot system, and also maybe get tricked into thinking the gas ram system is going to be better than a spring. In reality, theybare solutions to problems that don't exist.

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