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Good news Remington 1911 Repair & Restoration

Discussion in 'Air Pistols' started by Headhunter, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Headhunter

    Headhunter Never enough shell loading Revolvers

    Likes Received:
    I had been looking for the pellet version of a Colt SAA 7.5” in the blue finish for quite a while when I finally found one on Gunstar, the seller was clearing out her late Fathers belongings and just wanted to get rid of them (She had a few guns to sell), so we spoke over the phone and finalised a price. She did ask me to check the prices of the rest of the guns as she really had no idea how much they were worth, I helped her out and suggested that she should advertise them on Freeads too as the website got higher traffic than Gunstar. Well, to cut a long story short, she sold them all within 24hrs after putting them on Freeads and she emailed me to thank me for my help, then she mentioned the Remington 1911 ! She said that she didn’t want to sell it as it was not working, it was her Dad’s favourite gun, the one he shot the most, well up till when it broke that is, her Dad had also painted it black and had taken it back to the shop where he bought it and asked them to repair it, they said it would be cheaper to buy another one than to repair it, so he took it home and that’s where it stayed.

    I asked her for some pictures…..

    1911 restoration pt1-4.jpg 1911 restoration pt1-3.jpg

    As you can see, slightly worse for wear but as I already had a 1911 I thought that I could do with having a spare magazine and offered her a fair price for it, she accepted and sent it to me.

    When it arrived I was shocked by how badly it had been painted and the grips had been left on during the process, the gun did indeed not work, the hammer would not hold in the cocked position and when it did it had a ‘hair trigger’, so I guessed that the trigger sear was badly worn, so I removed the magazine and put it back in it’s box.

    Forward a couple of months and I had just finished a handful of winter projects in the space of a week and was looking for something else to satisfy my urge to ‘tinker’ when I remembered the 1911, so I stripped it down and removed all the paint with a wire wheel in my drill press. Once I removed the paint I was shocked to see that it was in a fair condition and nowhere near as bad I had previously thought that it would be.

    1911 restoration pt2-4.jpg 1911 restoration pt2-9.jpg 1911 restoration pt2-10.jpg 1911 restoration pt2-8.jpg

    I had a look at the hammer and trigger sear, the sears were absolutely ‘destroyed’, non-existent, gone completely ! So I cut a notch in the place where the sear should’ve been and re-assembled the gun, stuck a fresh CO2 in the magazine and gave it a test fire. It worked ! The hammer did not go fully back when cocked but everything seemed to work, so I loaded some BBs in it and gave it a test fire.

    It would only fire a BB on every other shot ? When it actually fired a BB the slide wouldn’t go back far enough to load another BB from the magazine to the breech but just far enough to cock the hammer, which when fired again the blowback would push the slide far enough back to cock the hammer and feed a BB into the breech ???? I scratched my head, swapped slides over with my other 1911, swapped magazines but all resulted in exactly the same thing, it would only launch a BB on every other shot ! So back to the box it went, all the while saying to myself,”Well at least I had a go”.

    For ages I kept thinking about it in my head, was it the recoil valve ? No, I swapped the slides over and the same thing happened. It foxed me for a while, then I worked it out. The hammer was not going far enough back when cocked so when it was released it was not hitting with enough force to allow enough CO2 to both fire the BB and push the slide back into battery, when the bb was in the valve nozzle the rocket valve was open and as the CO2 rushed in it would fire the bb and close the rocket valve but did not have enough CO2 pressure left to send the slide into recoil and when there was no bb in the valve nozzle the rocket valve was closed and all the CO2 could send the slide into recoil and that would load another bb into the valve nozzle and the whole process would start all over again (bb would fire, not enough recoil, no bb would fire, full recoil, bb would fire, etc.). Great ! Now I know what’s happening, but can I actually fix it ?

    After much scouring I finally managed to get hold of a replacement hammer and rat tail (hammer spring) but it was for an airsoft WE 1911, very, very similar to the KWC, so I decided to take the chance and order one, fingers crossed….

    We 1911 gen2 hammer.png

    When it arrived I eagerly stripped the ailing 1911 down and tried to fit the new hammer and rat tail, the holding pin for the hammer in the KWC 1911 is bigger than the WE version, so I had to drill it out, polish it, greased and fitted, perfect ! Put the 1911 back together and gave it a dry fire test, excellent the hammer now locks back on full cock and seems to be working (notice how I said ‘seems to be’). I put a fresh CO2 in the magazine, loading some BBs and gave it a test fire…..

    You’ve got to be kidding ! It’s doing exactly the same bloody thing, firing a BB on every other shot ??? WTF !!! I removed the magazine and compared the hammer fall against my other 1911, even though the hammer's in the right position when cocked the hammer fall seems, well, softer, not as snappy as my Remington/KWC 1911. So I stripped it down again and compared both of the rat tails (hammer spring), there was a 2mm difference in overall length between them both, the WE1911 version is the shorter of the two meaning that the hammer strike would not be as forceful as the KWC version. So I removed the retaining pins and swapped them over, re-assembled the gun, slammed the magazine back in, racked her back and……

    Yay ! Success, I now have a fully working Remington 1911, checked the accuracy, just as good as my other 1911, chronographed it and it’s average fps is 30fps higher than my other 1911. So I stripped it again, sanded it down a bit more, stuck some authentic Colt 1911 black rubber grips on it……

    Colt 1911 - 2.jpg Colt 1911 - 1.jpg

    So, what’s the take away from all of this ? Well this is the second CO2 handgun that I have repaired with replacement airsoft parts (the other being my DW715 6”) and I’m hoping that other members will see the value in this information and maybe it will help those fellow members who are searching for replacement parts but are limiting themselves to just 4.5mm/.177 CO2 handgun parts and not expanding their searching to airsoft as well.

    So what’s better than a 1911 ? That’s right, two 1911s….

    2 1911 - 2.jpg 2 1911 - 3.jpg

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2020
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  2. garryt

    garryt Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Good write up mate.
    Handy to know that the WE hammer can be modded to fit, as KWC spares are a nightmare.
    Headhunter likes this.
  3. Glockwomble

    Glockwomble Official Forum Glockwomble

    Likes Received:
    Fantastic write up and repair mate.

    Really enjoyed reading that and good pics too, thank you for sharing that with the forum.
    Headhunter likes this.
  4. CaptDAR

    CaptDAR Always count your shots and your adversary’s

    Likes Received:
    Eastern Scottish Borders
    Absolutely great write up and saving a lovely pistol. Too information for the technically minded. I myself am technically challenged and just want to live closer to those that fix things lol.
    NaughtyBadCal and Headhunter like this.
  5. NaughtyBadCal

    NaughtyBadCal Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Fair play mate you certainly know you’re Censored I wouldn’t know where to start
    Headhunter likes this.
  6. Andy_J

    Andy_J co2 Replica Airgun collector

    Likes Received:
    Nice write up.
    Headhunter likes this.
  7. Molgraze

    Molgraze Donator

    Likes Received:
    You certainly have some patience and knowledge Heady. Brilliant stuff :thumb::up:
    Headhunter likes this.
  8. Stuka

    Stuka Eric D

    Likes Received:
    Crawley West Sussex
    I agree with you all he is very nice guy and knows his stuff:thumb::thumb:
    Headhunter likes this.

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