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Regional pay - Flipping Tories

Discussion in 'Get it off your chest' started by sneakysniper, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. sneakysniper

    sneakysniper Donator

    Likes Received:
    So the chancellor is announcing regional pay for public sector workers in his budget, apparrently every public sector worker in Wales is paid 18% too much for the area and will endure a pay freeze until it matches the private sector!
    Same goes for any other area in the UK. Thing is though, can't the private sector pay whatever the hell they like (minimum wages rules apply obviously until the Tories abolish that also). And yet they want to take away the 50p tax rate for the super rich, most of which i imagine reside in London or the South East.

    What's next i wonder, having to allow an English lord to have sex with your wife on your wedding night??
    Where's my long sword and blue face paint. :mad:
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2012
  2. reaper6

    reaper6 Banned BANNED

    Likes Received:
    What amazes me is that they freeze our pay.....and give the dossers on the dole a pay rise
  3. peteb823

    peteb823 Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    this really pi&s'$ me off, people always go on about public sector workers been over paid for doing nothing !!!! do they know ive not had a pay rise (not even cost of living) for over three years, job evaluation took £7000. off my annual salary !!!!!!!, i work more hours - early starts, late finishes - no over time rates just time owed and that is impossible to take,frowned upon if you request it back !!. doing jobs that i shouldnt be doing and not paid for (! ball bags going for a lay down now - rant over AAAAAAArrrrgh . next thing is the north east will probably be paid more that somewhere else and i'm probably due another cut some where down the line. i know other people have it rough but give me a break .
    easy jobs for live - i dont think so.
  4. Jackroadkill

    Jackroadkill Donator

    Likes Received:
    Drenewydd, Powys, Cymru
    It's the rich what gets the gravy and the Welsh what gets the blame - again.

    Still, at least we managed a Grand Slam today, eh?
  5. warrensmith

    warrensmith Active Member

    Likes Received:
    I recon I'm one of the over paid council workers as I get paid a whole 15500 per year for working a 39 hour week ,doing all the jobs no one else wants to do. And I just got a letter from unison telling me there wont be a pay rise this year again this year (is that 3 or 4 years now?) , but they are still fighting our corner etc , I think I should ask for my £7/month back. If it wasn't for being on standby every second week and doing all the overtime allowed I couldn't afford to work for them

    who knows it might get better one day:eek:
  6. TheDarkPassenger

    TheDarkPassenger Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    St Albans
    Regional pay will surely keep people in their regions?

    That makes it difficult for people to save up to get out of their area should they want to do so.

    Regional Pay = Daft idea IMHO, but I can see the future, where low employment areas become low pay areas for crappy jobs, then we'll have "fantastic announcements" on the news about some horrible call centre bringing 1000 "jobs" to an area.
  7. Irvysan

    Irvysan Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    AND a VAT increase on pies (hot food) and no tax on caviar!!!! WTF is going on in this country????!!

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