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Recommend me a first PCP. It will be for hunting.

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Antoneady, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Antoneady

    Antoneady Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Bedlam, North Yorkshire
    I have a lovely HW97KT, but it is just too heavy to lug around a permission, and I'm a little worried that a springer might amplify my errors and I'd be left trying to finish off wounded quarry, fumbling in a second pellet.
    What would the collective wisdom recommend, bearing in mind that money is tight, so I'd probably be looking at what I could recoup on the 97, which is only about 10 months old and hardly used, and about £200 cash to add in.
    i'm thinking a nice, nearly new Ultra Multi-shot, but am interested to hear your words of advise!
  2. keithy

    keithy Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    The ultra will be nice and light but the shot count is very low (less than 50 shots) I would look at the scorpion which looks almost the same and has a lot more shots.
  3. Tinbum

    Tinbum Delusions of adequacy

    Likes Received:
    In Sparkling Isolation
    I have an ultra that I've fitted a scorpion tube to. 60+ shots per fill is ample for anything and its so pointable! Its only a single shot, but then I prefer that to multi shot. No firing empty air at the target, no shaved pellets and you only need one shot anyway!;)
  4. mattyts

    mattyts Donator

    Likes Received:
    Air Arms S400 or BSA Ultra
  5. stevemandm

    stevemandm Honorary Member

    Likes Received:
    in a distant galaxy, far far away ....... actually
    as matty says. when hunting, the shotcount can be considered quite irrelavant, so the low shotcount of the ultra wont be an issue. i would elaborate on matty's recommendation tho, and suggest the karbine variation in the s400.
    i would get down to your rfd and shoulder a few rifles to define your selection, then put an ad up in the swap selection. the 97 is a popular rifle, so should go easy
  6. Clubshot

    Clubshot Clubshot

    Likes Received:
    North London. England
    As I have Stated Countless times for New & Returning Air Gunners -

    Check out your local Air Gun Club and see what others are using and Why -

    Far better than write up's and in most cases you can get to try different Guns -

    Vermin Control / Hunting is Best with a Multi Shot - nothing worse than a clipped Vermin getting away or missing the one sitting next door

    My Personal Chose - Walk around is a Phoenix Mark Two underlever - Ten Shot in .177 - Static / Ambush is my HW100 on a Bipod again in .177

    From years of having unlimied access to Different Air Guns available in UK - All Sub 12FP -

  7. Donki Oaty

    Donki Oaty Where's the time going?

    Likes Received:
    A few years ago I was in your predicament, I too got sick of lugging my 97K about whilst out hunting due to it's weight. I went for the S410f Classic and sold my 97. The S410 is lighter and the 10 shots come in handy for quick reloading but I'm not typing all this to recommend the S410 because in the end you'll find a rifle in your budget that you like to shoulder which also fulfills all you requirements. I am however bothering to reply because I felt lost without a springer! Are you sure you want to get rid of you 97? You may find that if you save a little more then you could have the best of both worlds, namely your 97 for short forays and a lighter PCP for those long jaunts.
  8. ishooter

    ishooter Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    S200simples thats on my list as a next gun
  9. themadspread

    themadspread Donator

    Likes Received:
    dont worry to much about a low shot count 50 shots for a few hrs hunting is plenty on most perms
  10. Bigant

    Bigant Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    stoke on trent
    s200 is a cracking lightweight accurate little gun :) can recommend them all day long.
  11. larson

    larson Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    add another 50 quid to the 200 you have and get a little aa s200.. you get to keep your old gun and the 200 will hold its own...
  12. jambo1984

    jambo1984 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Dudley West Midlands
    I've had a ultra and I've still got my s400 they are both bang on
  13. wizard1963uk

    wizard1963uk Donator

    Likes Received:
    chatham Kent
    S200 cant go wrong
  14. engraver

    engraver Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    One of the cheapest pcps's you can buy on the secondhand market is a Webley Axsor or the same gun but with a gauge the FX2000, or its logun cousin the logun axsor.

    Don't confuse these with the Turkish Raiders, although nothing wrong with a brummy raider either.

    These were designed by the Famous FX designer Fredrik Axelsson the main man of Fx, and very much the same gun as a cyclone but bolt action, and just check out what a cyclone cost.

    Ive handled owned or shot most of the pcps on the market, and for me for the money these feel better, in respect to handling shots per charge and quality than the majority of guns around the price range, Ie s400 s200, they just feel more of a gun.

    They can be serviced for not a lot of money much like the s400 range, but it is afterall a proper side loading bolt action sporter and it for me feels that bit better quality.

    They were way ahead of their time with a rotary simple mag system and aluminium cylinders so a full length gun weighs less than 7 ibs and will give about 100 shots per charge in .22 and you can expect thumbnail groups up to 35 yrds.

    Best bit is Ive seen them go for around £350! in fact there is a minter with a scope on gstar right now, looks as new.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2014

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