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Pard 008 Day/night Vision.

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by Eglwyseg, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Eglwyseg

    Eglwyseg Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    I bought this earlier this year hoping to mount it on my Steyr Pro X Scout but discovered the bullpup was rather unbalanced with this vision unit mounted so decided to mount it on my HW110. However we are here to review the Pard 008. Before I start let me apologise for the dreadful photographs, it's dark here today and had to use flash to get these poor shots but hope they at least give you the flavour.

    The Pard 008 is a totally Chinese product not just a Western design made in China. Before anyone shouts 'cheap Chinese junk' you may be in for a shock!

    Unlike our conventional scope images, on these day/night vision pieces the images are shown on a screen at the back end. In the case of this 008 images are HD and they are truly bright and clear. Later in the day towards dusk the light is compensated within the unit and even in very darker conditions the screen stays as sharp as if though in bright sunlight. I can't tell you how staggering these images are, so crisp and bright, no pixellation at all! As the night approaches and it gets dark properly then in comes the inbuilt infra red where the images are then seen in black/white/grey. I remember my first glimpse through a Yukon Photo XT I own, a few years ago and was well impressed though images in daytime were in black and white but until you have looked through an 008 then you have seen nothing yet! This Pard 008 is in another world altogether. Going on IR for the first time on a pitch black night I was astonished to see the veins in the leaves at 25 yards away!

    The Pard 008 is fired up by a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery and for me has seemed to last for hours on a single charge. But you could also fit an IR lamp on to the Picatinny rail if doing lots of nightwork. One of the clever innovations to save on battery power even more is by pressing the on/off button a single quick press then the unit is switched into 'sleep' mode so that the screen switches off. When requiring your screen another quick press of the button and the screen immediately fires up without having to wait the few seconds normally to fire it. A longer press on the off button will switch off the unit altogether.

    No zoom on this piece but I personally don't see it a problem but acknowledge perhaps some will miss that function. I will not pro or con this lack of function, as that is your decision but would add, as soon as the unit is switched on the default magnification is 6.5. Press a button and magnification shoots up to 13.0, press the same button again and it then shoots back to its default at 6.5. I love it! In the menu, you can of course alter the default magnification to 13.0 if that is your choice when first switching on.

    Setting up the unit to your individual preferences was easy peasy but no thanks to the instructions as not a lot was said especially when zeroing to your chosen weapon. Thankfully I found a video on uTube after searching "Pard 008 Zeroing". Very comprehensive I might add!

    You can record your images on a card but that is not supplied. Then download them later via wifi or cable, a very neat addition.

    There an adjustable red dot laser and its brightness can also be adjusted in the menu. The screen brightness can also be changed.

    There are reticle choices plus you can change the colour, very handy I found.

    My Appraisal: I simply can't understand how Pard have packed so much into this stunning day/night vision for the money and the total quality of its manufacture and video output at the screen end. Its battery life is fantastic but would advise another battery when out in the field. A very compact piece and very well balanced on my chosen weapon. Once zeroed the 008 is perfectly accurate and have taken vermin out at dusk so far, rats around my hen pen. Have yet to be so lucky at night proper but having trialled it dry at night I really can't see there will be a problem as the images in IR are exceptional!

    All pros for me, can't find a single con to knock it and by gum I hope you know me enough by now, I would certainly let you know if there was!

    As always, the acid test for me is, would I buy one again? Let's answer that one with a seven letter expletive which I will blank out myself for propriety, Oh ******* YES!

    The Pard 008 really is the one for those wanting some serious Day/Night vision. Affordable? It has to be!

    Happy hunting.


    Attached Files:

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  2. Popgun

    Popgun Donator

    Likes Received:
    Royston - North Herts
    I have the 008lrf + but daytime in use (> 150m range) a glass is far superior, the Pard is just "Ok" & does the job
  3. BSAHunter

    BSAHunter Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    True you will never beat glass against digital BUT the versitilty of the PARD is what really makes it stand out! as your glass will be no good after dusk ;)
  4. Popgun

    Popgun Donator

    Likes Received:
    Royston - North Herts
    Agree ,the FoV is also very limited with the 008 over glass
    BSAHunter likes this.
  5. rgc_swanseaARC

    rgc_swanseaARC He's not the Stig...He's the Stigs Welsh cousin

    Likes Received:
    Llanelli, Wales
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    I have the 008LRF model and pretty much agree with all comments.

    Its versatility as a "one sight does all" is very impressive. The clarity day or night is very good. (for me its more impressive at night)
    Yes, my Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP and My Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 10x are much clearer in day mode, but both would be rendered completely useless in the dark without NV add ons or a lamp.

    I went from an ATN X Sight HD to the Pard. The ATN wet the NV appetite, and the Pard finishes the job off perfectly.

    Eglwyseg likes this.
  6. Steve Laming

    Steve Laming Active Member

    Likes Received:
    I also have a 008 in lrf flavour mounted on a HW110st. I find using it at night for hunting to be less productive than I thought it would be. Too busy looking at the owls, badgers, field mice etc
    Popgun and Autodidact like this.
  7. PBaz Barrett

    PBaz Barrett 'I love slinging lead me'..

    Likes Received:
    Yep they are an impressive piece of kit.. I have had some good results using on a Kozak..

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2020
    Marky-Boy likes this.

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