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...oh the joys of posting weapons abroad

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by the logun-ator, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. the logun-ator

    the logun-ator "can i,? wey aye man!"

    Likes Received:
    the toon,north of newcastle
    ....logunator here,''international arms dealer'' or so the uk customs told the police i was.
    posted a BSA MAGNUM air pistol for a gent on here.never had any problems in the past...untill recently:mad:

    used the correct courier that accepted ''firearms'' part stripped it and even disclosed it on the customs forms.it should have sailed through...but no,tracking just stud still...
    3 weeks later,17 buzzys and 2 armed response were at my door...they knocked(which was nice)..
    first words were ''what have you posted?''..youll have to be a bit more specific then that i replyed...''what have you posted to finland''.i replyed ''yur here coz of a ******* air pistol!!??''....his face dropped.
    now ive always respected the law,this time and the last time i got raided,so i cooperated politely.
    after a 3 hour search ''no'' firearms were found,corse no i have nothing to do with bullet guns.it then downed on them that the info they had received from customs was bull...
    warrant allowed the to take all firearms and components,phones and laptops..as i was ''strait'' with them they left the comps and phones...but ''firearms have requested that all airguns be seized and tested''..
    here we go again...21 guns later and after a 3 hour taped interview i was set free...should never have happened in the first place.
    3 months down the line i get them all back,NO damage,fully legal and within the law..even my pump action logun s16 which the firearms team/testers deemed and i quote'' fully legal in sub 12ftlbs only''
    (will be showing that in a post soon)
    so guys even if you stick to the rules,obey all the laws,they can still take your guns away...be warned.
  2. cloverleaf

    cloverleaf Super Moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    T*ssers :rolleyes:

    Since the whole fiasco was the result of customs apparently (incompetently) mis-identifying the item you posted; do you think you have any legitimate course of action against them for compensation?

    End of the day it's their job to be able to tell the difference between a section 5 firearms or an airpistol, set-square, funny-shaped piece of fruit.. if you're inconvenienced because of their apparently ineptitude, they should be liable for making good IMO.
  3. sej016

    sej016 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Fareham, Hants.
    HRMC are a bunch of civil service T***ers.

    What is worse is they have an unrestricted right of search and seizure, the right to enter your house without an individual warrant, and are both an investigating and prosecuting agency.

    And when they get it wrong (often) you have no redress or recourse.
  4. Kada82

    Kada82 Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Cradley heath
    I had a situation like this. Armed response closed the complete road off all down to a bb pistol. I wasnt there at the time (visiting my mum) after they had searched the place. They took all my pellets, hunting knife and pistol. Then phoned me saying that if i wanted the stuff back i would have to be interview first which i didnt bother with. In 2012 i was prob sending an airgun at least once a week. But due to all the stories im reading im not gonna chance it no more.
    glad to hear you got all your guns back. Also intresting about the s16 pump action being legal at sub12 fpe as i wanted a pump action hatsan at44-10 but was told its a no-no (friend tbh) so will look into the P/A AT44
  5. evenbad

    evenbad Evenbad

    Likes Received:
    What a waste of time , effort and taxpayers money, think you should be compensated for the whole fiasco. Bunch of idiots.
  6. Elk hunter

    Elk hunter Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    It works both ways when shipping items in from abroad. I used to buy a huge amount from cabelas in the USA till a couple of years ago.
    Ordered 4/5 items and one was a pair of hunting boots. Cabelas will put an inventory list on the front so customs can tell the contents. On this occasion the boots were called "The Hunters Stelth Gun Boot" as the work Gun was mentioned it was stopped at east midlands air port.
    Police, paper work, customs, man it was a hole lot of trouble for a pair of boots. When I finally received the package the irony was the box had been opened so obviously someone had taken a look.

    p.s. Hunter Stelth GUN boots weren't much good after all the greif.
  7. Ichabod Armacost

    Ichabod Armacost Donator

    Likes Received:
    The problem for us law abiding citizens is that the authorities have given themselves so many powers they can more or less do as they bloody well please and we ordinary mortals are allowed no redress whatsoever. They have been very clever in doing this, and they are very clever in applying whatever bit of law suits 'em at the time, the anti terrorist laws in particular are just about the most heinous laws that have ever been thought up and applied in the whole history of the UK, even the Normans who were the masters of military conquery (that's a word where I come from), never came near what your friendly neighbourhood Bobbie now has the power to do on invoking the AT acts.

    The powers that be, have for a long while, understood how to keep the British population bovine and subdued, without resort to violent dictatorish behaviour, it's very simple really, they make us feel just free enough that we don't feel enslaved, and then we all do exactly what we are told, the status quo then continue to rule us just like they always have, after all, they have a . given right to do so, don't they?

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