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Question Newbie wanting gun advise

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by 2scoops, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. 2scoops

    2scoops Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Hi all, looking for a bit of advise here.
    I have joined a club and will be using the range a fair amount,however friends I will be shooting with are keen to go participate in pest control. They are experianced but have not been shooting for about 5 years. What im seeking info on is whether its better to go for a starter set up or go for a HW100 or Huntsman clasic type gun straight away. I dont really want to spend a few hundred only to wish that i should have gone for somthing real decent in the first place.

    As I will be doing a bit of both and the club is really pushing that we participate in the comps what would be a ' best of both worlds' gun.

    As a newbie i take it .177 would be the way to go
  2. Darren Petts

    Darren Petts Temporarily Alive

    Likes Received:
    If you want to compete and hunt then .177 is certainly your best bet. Don't underestimate the difficulty in finding land to hunt on. It's usually cheaper to buy once than twice and the HW100 is a as good at targets as hunting with an excellent single shot adapter.
  3. secretagentmole

    secretagentmole Low down, dirty and quiet...

    Likes Received:
    United Kingdom
    Right get gun, either one you have suggested have single shot adaptors and are very good at target or hunting (having used both I can say that)! .177 better for target! Now remember not only gun (£800 odd to start with) you are going to need a charging system, £150 odd for either bottle or pump, a scope, allow £150 get a decent scope, a slip, £20, some pellets and some insurance. It is expensive starting out, many people start out with a much cheaper gun and trade their way up, so have a look for something like an S200 as well, have a play with one of those, half the cost (new much less secondhand) and exceptionally good for such a cheap gun!

    I recommend the S200 in .177, cracking little rifle many people have one and take it out in preference to much more expensive and allegedly better guns in their collections. They did have a target shooting version called a T200 with fully adjustable stock, cheek piece etc, so could be worth looking out!

    Then get down that club and practise like a demon, get used to shooting the rifle and when you can put all 10 shots in a group that is under 25mm across it is time to look at hunting. First get some insurance, if you (heaven forbid) shoot someone by accident, their dog, prize Hereford bull, champion Dobbin the Wonder Donkey etc, it can get darned expensive for you. So look at some insurance there are policies run by everybody from BASA (cheap, basic, no frills knickers only type) to BASC (expensive, fur lined knicker jobs with mores extras than a Harley catalogue)! Take out a policy and wait for the paperwork to come through.

    In the meantime google everything. look for Growers, Farmers, Paddocks and Livery Yards, Golf Courses, Hotels, Stately Homes, anything which is going to have a lot of land and an opportunity for vermin shooting. You may get lucky like me and find permissions that allow the shooting of game birds in season, doubtful but it does happen. Get on the phone, email, letters, swamp everything but keep a damned list. I have a list, showing those I have applied to and 1) no replies 2) answers that said no 3) answers that said yes and 4) answers that said please call back.

    Do not give up, learn the species, learn what they look like, assure them you will not be plugging the Gardener/Prize Winning Hereford Bull/Dobbin the £2,000,000 wonder donkey/the pheasant shoot they are rearing for the chinless oiks with the Purdys and Berettas/their pet chickens etc. Tell them about the hours you put in target shooting, how accurate you are, the fact you have insurance details you can leave with them, someone will say yes (eventually)! Then if they are anything like my permissions cheekily ask if they can have the odd rabbit/brace of pigeons/pheasant!

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