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Newbie saying hello

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Johnny bravo, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Johnny bravo

    Johnny bravo Member

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    Hello peeps

    My name is Trev and I am a keen airgunner.

    I also love to customise my rifles both cosmetically and internally for optimum performance (NOT POWER).

    I have recently purchased a HW100 and was wondering if any of you guys know how to go about degreasing the hammer and shuttle. Also I would like to polish these for smoother travel, can anyone help?

    I am currently having a custom barrel shroud/silencer made for my rifle and also contemplating getting a Delrin/nylon valve stem made as I believe this will make the action quieter upon firing, which leaves me with another question, does anyone know the sizes/dimensions of the HW100 valve stem?

    I have all of the information from another forum relating to the strip of the HW100 but there is not enough detail of the removal of the hammer/shuttle.

    Anyway I am from Peterborough and love to shoot when I get the chance/missus lets me out to play.

    I would like to say hi to you all, and look forward to swapping information/knowledge with you.

    I have been shooing for around 10yrs and have owned many different rifles in this time, Theobens, BSA S10, Weihrauch, Air Arms and Webly.

    TREV RYN Active Member

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    skelmanthorpe ,huddersfield ,yorkshire
    hi trev from trev,hope you enjoy your time on here its a good old forum full of info and lots of peeps willing to help welcome:)

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