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newbie saying hello and a few Qs

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by spoony, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. spoony

    spoony Newbie

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    Hi just a quick hello, 38 yr northerner just starting out.
    Heaps of Qs,
    Looking to buy an outfit, but with soooo much
    on the market its not an easy task.
    First off most shooting will be field target in some private woods i have access to,
    then and only when i am capable on to bunnies.
    Calibre???.177 or .22 well after reading lots of other posts have decided .22
    Guns?? ahhhh the big Q....
    well for me it has to be multi shot pre charged, (maybe single shot)
    well went to local gunshop, had a looksee.
    Well this is what they gave me to look at
    AA Sg10
    Super10 mk3 BB K
    and another 4 which i wont list as they well over my well streched £600
    well first a few Qs
    Will a karbine offer the same accuracy and distance as a rifle??(i like the karbines)
    fixed charging system or buddy bottle type pros and cons??
    single or multi shot pros and cons??
    another gun i like and i know someone who has one, is the falcon light hunter raptor (skelton stock)
    but the shop doesnt sell them and didnt rate them? funny as my friend bought it from them about 5 years ago?
    now out of all the above guns the one that felt the most natural for me was the super10.
    Soooooo anyone got one and what they like?

    cheers for your time guys
  2. jay

    jay Member

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    hi m8 pick the rifle you feel best with. i liked my aa s410 karbine when i had one but the bsa will get you more shots per fill, as for accuracy they are the same your get more shots from the standard rifle. i would go 177 as well its more forgiveing then the 22 plus better for target shooting you cant go wrong with the s410 m8 i think there are a load of second hand ones out the as well in top nick and that could save you a lot of money if you need any help just pm me :)

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