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New Gun Day.....again !

Discussion in 'Replica Airguns' started by Headhunter, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Headhunter

    Headhunter Never enough shell loading Revolvers

    Likes Received:
    Well, before we start this meeting of the “I’ve just bought another gun” club I’d like to point out that my addiction is under control, maybe not totally under my control but I’m trying my best to wean myself away from my obvious compulsive-obsessive purchasing addiction for CO2 replica guns that I have. In this instance, I have to blame a third party for this purchase, ‘her indoors’ bought me this for my birthday next month so I am completely blameless and have a clear conscience…..okay, maybe I pointed it out on my laptop screen and stated to her, “ I NEED one of these for my birthday” but I didn’t technically buy it, well that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself anyway.

    The gun that caught my eye was a secondhand antique finished Marshal Museum Colt SAA (#225) and as I already own two blued and one nickel finished Colts I thought that it would round off my Colt collection really well and with it being one of the special edition Colts that would make it a sort of double bonus. I’ve never really been overly keen on the antique finish on the Colts, it always looked - well, quite naff ! If I’m being totally honest but I thought, “What the heck, it’ll finish the collection off”.

    Forward a few days and the gun has just arrived, it’s sitting there all forlorn on the kitchen table, still wrapped, quietly being ignored for a good few hours as I had some other things to do, I was in no rush to open it, yeah it’s a Colt SAA but I’ve already got three of them in far better finishes, I’ll check it in awhile just to make sure it’s okay. Normally if a gun gets delivered I’ll be ripping the packaging off it before I’ve even closed the door on the postie, I’m really that eager, but this time it felt different, not so exciting, like when you get back from shopping and your putting yet another tin of beans away with the other six tins that you’ve already got in the cupboard, Oh well, I’ve got a few minutes to spare now so I’ll open it up and check it out……..

    Now I should state that I’ve got a battle worn Webley mkVI so I’m familiar with that finish but I was truly shocked ! The Colt looks simply magnificent ! The finish is superb, far better than the pictures would have you believe. It genuinely looks like an antique, the worn appearance is absolutely perfect for a replica gun that’s trying to convey that 1873 look. I immediately stripped the gun down and greased all the moving parts, re-assembled it, gave it a quick once over with silicon oil and Viola !

    marshall 1.jpg
    marshal 5.jpg

    So the collection is growing (again) and the 'three amigos' look really great together.

    three amigos 4.jpg

    Even as the ‘Four horsemen of the Apocalypse’ they’re looking good too

    four horsemen 3.jpg

    So I’ve had a chance to shoot it, although it’s a smoothbore bb gun I used some H&N Econ pellets (sized at 4.52mm) and was pleasantly surprised when it put four shots out of six into the bull and the other two shots into the nine ring, admittedly that was indoors and at just over 5m but until Spring gets here and brings warmer weather with it I’m limiting myself to indoor shooting only, but once the warmer weather does get here I’ll check it out for 10-15m but truthfully I can’t see it being that far off target.


    So my takeaway from all of this is, don’t be put off by online pictures of certain finishes. Given the chance or opportunity to have a ‘hands on’ look at them as you may well be very surprised by how different they look in the hand and how good they actually are, I was !
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  2. CaptDAR

    CaptDAR Always count your shots and your adversary’s

    Likes Received:
    Eastern Scottish Borders
    A very worthy addition indeed. Can’t go wrong with lots of six shooters.
    Headhunter likes this.
  3. Whisper

    Whisper Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Dearest Hunter of Heads,

    I sympathise with your compulsive obsessive addiction to CO2 gun purchases. I myself suffer the same predication concerning that hunka hunka burning gun-love beatin’ away in thine own heart and I’m here to tell you, it can’t be conquered. I’ve tried everything from kung fu to mediation, to Lego building to hill walking and sooner or later, well, as the vampires say … the thirst always wins.

    I can understand your need for the Marshal Museum Colt SAA for it is indeed a fine piece of gunmanship and I don’t blame you one bit for desiring it, for what would life be like if we didn’t desire things? My own gun collection is a ginormous kerfuffle of desirable things and like yours, it’s still growing.

    I draw attention to your statement Mr H Hunter, and I quote, written by own fair hand:

    “it’s sitting there all forlorn on the kitchen table, still wrapped, quietly being ignored for a good few hours as I had some other things to do,”

    All I can add is - Are your pants a bit hot? :p

    And …

    “Oh well, I’ve got a few minutes to spare now so I’ll open it up and check it out……..”

    Your control knows no bounds! :p:p

    Three Amigos, four horsemen, enjoy, Hunter of Heads, it sounds great fun to me. I’m currently enamoured by a certain little CP88 and soon she’ll be even prettier, when her wood grips turn up.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2021
    Headhunter and CaptDAR like this.
  4. Deleted Member 21940

    Deleted Member 21940 Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Nicely written, cracking pistol and yes the smoothbore are excellent in accuracy terms with pellets. My most recently aquired SAA smoothbore is superbly accurate with rws geco .
    Well done !
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