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Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Daniel, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Banned

    Likes Received:
    Southeast London
    I thought id put these here to help people improve their shooting.

    Marksmanship principles

    The position and hold must be firm enough to support the weapon.

    The weapon must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort.

    Sight alignment and the sight picture must be correct.

    The shot must be released and followed through without undue disturbance of the position.

    If you do these things correctly everytime you shoot then you should see improvement straight away. there is alot more to good shooting than this but these principles are the basic rules you must follow if you want to be a good shot consistantly.

    you will also have to control your breathing, I recomend taking a big breath as you bring up and shoulder the rifle then letting it out nice and easy then take very small mini breaths so the movement of your chest isnt making the rifle bob about too much. when your crosshairs is crossing the target as you take your breaths you want to let out a breath hold this outbreath when your sight picture is right where you want to be hitting then shoot and if your sights/scope is zeroed correctly you should be spot on (if its a good rifle and good pellets)

    You have to take into account the effects of range. Knowing where your shots land at diffrent ranges comes with experiance and so does knowing what range your target is. your rifles power and the pellets weight and aerodynamics is what determines how far it will go in a straight line before it starts to noticeably drop or even tumble.

    Also there is the effect of wind on shots this also comes with experiance. a light wind from left to right means you will aim slighlty left at medium range and wider left at long range you shouldnt have to make any changes at short range with a light wind. A strong wind however you might have to change your p.o.a(point of aim) to compensate at short range i wouldnt recomend shooting a 12flb rifle or under in strong wind unless you just want to do abit of plinking in the garden you could allways give it a go at medium to long ranges if your are confident in your abilitys.
    these wind guidlines are for a steady wind to shoot in a wind that changes requires you to wait for the wind you want.

    my advice on zeroing is to do as above but keep the exact same point of aim for 5 shots and if you are doing the things above correctly and you have a quality rifle and pellets there should be a tight group of shots that u can see on your target. you then adjust your sights or scope by moving them towards your point of aim according to where your group landed aka point of impact it might take a few trys to get it right but its essential you get it right especially if you want to shoot live quarry.

    If you are allready out and sumhow you scope/sights have come out of zero and you have no way of adjusting them(even though you really should) you can compensate for this by seeing where your point of impact is in relation to your point of aim then aiming to compensate for example if you are aiming at where you want to hit and your shot is landing 2 inches low and 1 inch left then your point of aim on next shot must be 2 inches high 1 inch right to hit your target where you want to.

    The most important thing is just to relax and have fun:D

    I hope this helps people new to shooting and maybe some people that have been at it for a while but not enjoying it fully due to poor performance.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2008
  2. hughie

    hughie Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    well done daniel . This is sure to help people:up:
  3. simply james

    simply james Banned

    Likes Received:
    Cloud 9
    yeh well done mate

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