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keeping permission

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by mrjoshboulter, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. mrjoshboulter

    mrjoshboulter Member

    Likes Received:
    Ebbw vale south wales
    Hi guys I maybe the only one but does any of you guys buy gifts at say christmas t keep land owners happy I do this ever year its like a must do in my diary I go t the local store ad buy a few bottles of wine to say thank you for the great years shooting I have had its amazing the results I get as farmers and land owners gain alot of trust by me doing 1 small gesture I think a 10 bottle of wine is worth a years great shooting or maybe im just weird then again would I have near 5000 acres if im jusy being weird wuld like to hear your thoughts guys atb josh
  2. Stevie Darling

    Stevie Darling Sexual tyrannosaurus

    Likes Received:
    St. Andrews, Jockland.
    Always keep the land owner sweet:up:
  3. hawk eye

    hawk eye Banned

    Likes Received:
    Rotherham, United Kingdom
    every year i buy a bottle of whisky for mine and wine for his wife
  4. r10hunter

    r10hunter Honorary Member

    Likes Received:
    You are being weird. :) :) :) :) :) :)
    If you turn up on a regular basis and save them a fortune in pest control they should be the one buying you a bottle or two at Christmas or some ammo every so often etc, not you buying them gifts.
    If it's land mainly for target shooting obviously that's different.
    They can buy their own wine and a holiday with the thousands of pounds you save them in pest control every year.
    Gassing /rodenating rabbits costs farmers big money that is why they have shooters controlling the rabbits for free.
    Gas guns for pigeons cost money to run and are often stolen, and all they do is move the problem to the next field. Again you solve the problem for free.
    Put in an extra visit instead of the wine it will be just as appreciated.
    Cheers Andy
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2014
  5. andy46

    andy46 Donator

    Likes Received:
    as r10 hunter said,keep them happy by turning up and doing the job I asked to do for them,both the shooter and the land owner are getting the best of both,the land owner getting free pest control and the shooter somewhere to shoot,so I don't buy the land owner anything,there over the moon they have someone keeping an eye on the land and taking control of the pests.
  6. Steve K

    Steve K Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    West London/Bucks Border
    I don't do the gift bit as i'm saving them money by doing the pest control, and one of my shoots is where i rent a container, so i shoot for the land owner and it keeps the rent sensible.

    Each situation will be different though, i had a shoot through a member here, but another member chose to approach the owner and offered them bottles of drink etc to gain the shoot (yeah really) not my style but hey, if they want it that bad, have it ;)
  7. 177

    177 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Berwick upon Tweed
    When I used to shoot shotguns years ago there was a row of farm cottages on the land that our syndicate leased.

    Every year I used to drop a bottle or two and a box of chocolates in with a 'thanks for putting up with us'. Shotguns are noisy, after all...

    This was on behalf of the syndicate and it seemed to be very much appreciated.

    When I got into making sloe gin and other beverages from hedgerow fruits and berries I would often include a bottle of that and it got favourable feedback ;)

    One of my shoots is on a beautiful private estate and was arranged by the head gardener. I already know that she doesn't drink so each year I try and give her something she would find useful; this year was a kneeling pad, a matching pair of secateurs and trowel with rosewood handles, and some flower seeds for a particular plant I know she was interested in growing. Didn't cost much but was very much appreciated.

    Most years I offer the landowner a prepared joint of venison, or a couple of fresh caught salmon, or similar.

    I am always amazed how few people seem to be able to butcher meat these days and a well prepared and packaged joint of venison usually goes down very well, and doesn't entail any cash outlay on my part.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with token gifts - mostly the recipients are very thankful, and it usually goes a long way to cementing relationships on any given permission.

    I gave a weekend's hard graft to one of my permission owners just before Christmas as a thank you for some fantastic shooting permission. He lives on his own, he's in his seventies, and he and his older !!! sister were putting up a new barn (both of them going up and fixing roofing panels on :eek: ). Folks were made of sterner stuff...

    I helped them for the weekend and we got the project finished, buttoned down and a few other jobs done besides, like solar panels on the roof, that kind of thing...

    They were bowled over by the help; I'd have offered out of friendship but it still amounted to small thanks for hundreds of acres of deer stalking, birds and rabbits.

    Throughout the year if there is anything going on I have no problem rolling my sleeves up and helping once in a while. I've cleared willows from fishing swims on rivers and ponds, dragged weed to clear swims, helped construct a man-made badger set, helped with fencing and whatnot. Where graft is concerned people are normally very grateful for even an hour or two of your time :)
  8. trumpetier

    trumpetier Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    Every year its a bottle of good malt for the farmer and some thornton chocs for his wife....yes im doing them a favour BUT i still class it as a privilage to to able to roam over all 400 plus acres whenever i choose and have done now for over 20 years.....there is as you are all aware plenty of people always seeking a permission....very small price indeed i think. Even if i dont shoot anything all day a walk through my permission can be beautifull, especially in autumn.
  9. wizard1963uk

    wizard1963uk Donator

    Likes Received:
    chatham Kent
    I gave a bottle of brandy and some chocs ...:thumbup:
  10. gasman

    gasman Up a bit,,,,,,,

    Likes Received:
    1066 country
    yes yes, and never sleep with his wife :eek:
    [​IMG] or was that just me :facepalm:
  11. themadspread

    themadspread Donator

    Likes Received:
    a bottle at xmas will always keep them happy ive always done it and always will its the right thing to do ithink
  12. audiguypaul

    audiguypaul Donator

    Likes Received:
    Yep got mine a crate of real ales, he was rather happy, small price to pay imo.
  13. indiginous3554

    indiginous3554 Donator

    Likes Received:
    6 Bottles of Wolf Blass 3 of each red & white is as all price to pay for permission. Especially between 2 of us.
  14. djwalker

    djwalker Donator

    Likes Received:
    off course its a good idea to give some thing , its all well and good saying your doing them a favouir but if its not you there will soon be someone else along to do it , a few quid once a year is a small price to pay.

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