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JD Guns

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Clubshot, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Clubshot

    Clubshot Big Poster

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    North London. England
    Got a email from Jim @ JD Guns the other week requesting some cards
    Re Lea Valley Air Gun Club - Hertford

    As Jim the owner was after offering his customers Club Details

    I managed to pop in today

    Talking to Jim the Owner , the shop has only been open 12 Weeks
    Looking around it's a Fair sized Shop and look's a well established
    It mainly caters for Air Guns and Clothes

    Carries a good Range of Air Rifles & Accessories & Pellets
    He is still working on getting other products and offering Shooters a Good
    He even directly import's Gun's and Accessories

    He is a Engineer by Trade and a Shooters
    He has a small workshop on premises and able to carry out odd jobs like fitting Sling Studs
    A job many shooters seem to have problems with
    He is also looking out offering a Barrel Exchange Service
    As often hear of Shooters wanting to up grade Barrels etc.

    He is planning many other Services for Shooters
    And even thinking of enlarging into a larger unit down to Road

    He Opens Seven Day's a Week

    He is off the Beaten Track , but well worth the time and effort
    But only minutes from the A13 - Junction with M25

    He does have a web site www.jd-guns.net
    Phone Number 01708-558438

    Really surprising in today's Shooting world to have a Gun Shop
    Specialising in Air Gun's

  2. Colin

    Colin Guest

    sounds like a pretty sweet place...
    And you sound like an advertisement :laugh:

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