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I Read Somewhere That ?

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by mark16, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. mark16

    mark16 Active Member

    Likes Received:
    I read somewhere that lead cartridges shot are being replaced with steel/copper alternatives. Do you think lead pellets will banned sooner rather than later ?
  2. rich79

    rich79 Lovin the smell of cordite in the morning

    Likes Received:
    This is where the airgun community needs to stand up with everyone else that shoots and defend their sport.
    6yd & 10m shooters pellets are 100% recoverable, back garden plinkers pellets could be too, apart from hunting which you will get the odd miss then I dont see why hft/ft couldn't put the effort into thinking up a way to recover their pellets as well.
    So what would be the anti's argument then? Isn't recycling the in thing?
    phil.m, Leshiy and mark16 like this.
  3. Bill.B

    Bill.B Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    I think the whole thing is preposterous and typical of the goody-two-shoes ‘censored’ fascists that are slowly but surely ruining our hobbies to satisfy their own pathetic agendas. :handjob:

    Rant over.
    MrBrightside and mark16 like this.
  4. phil.m

    phil.m Donator

    Likes Received:
    Absolutely! And beyond.

    I started catching all mine for fear of the (stupid) chickens eating them, after reading some great threads on here.
    Well, nearly all. Some got through the handle of the Mk1 attempt shown here. I'm now on Mk3 & it's collected all so far.

    Its not too hard & I now have some very heavy targets!
    Im thinking these might help my pension fund one day.

    David M likes this.
  5. OldGreyDog

    OldGreyDog Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Benfleet, Essex, UK
    I mainly plink in my back garden and have an old type council paving slab as a backstop - i hang a bit of old carpet over the top and hanging at the sides (to catch any fragments), and a wooden tray underneath. Everything, pellets and fragments, seem to hit the slab and drop into the tray. The high density of the concrete slab also seems to deaden the impact noise of the pellet too.
    David M, phil.m and 2506sendero like this.
  6. David M

    David M Donator

    Likes Received:
    I tape an old envelope with crosees on it to a bag of old cushions. A lot of the pellets that don't pile into another one are still almost perfectly formed in the bottom of the bag... the ultimate pellet recycling but only works if you can't shoot for sheite and get tight groups....o_O
  7. terry1001

    terry1001 Major Poster

    Likes Received:
    There's 2 threads to this, on the one hand you have lead scattered everywhere which is part of the reason for the lead shot ban on wetlands and then there is the issue of lead contamination of meat which is intended for human consumption. As I understand it some zoos etc are very cautious of feeding shot animals to raptors etc.
    Air gun shooting is not really mainstream in these particular debates but it doesn't hurt to be aware of what happens to your pellets at the far end of their trajectory.
  8. Jester

    Jester Rhubarb

    Likes Received:
    North Kent
    In short, no.

    The long answer is of course complicated and divisive as plenty of people disagree on certain aspects (usually based on their own agenda and interests), however one thing to note is lead shot carts are not being banned. It's a voluntary changeover to get ahead of requiring legislation, mostly around game shooting, and stop the industry being reactive to legislation for a change. Nice to be seen to be doing something ourselves etc rather than have laws placed upon us forcing us to do so. It makes it easier to argue for exemptions.
    The high bird game shooters think it's terrible, whether it evens affects clay shooters is debatable, plenty of people wouldn't tell the difference using either lead or steel. Plenty of older shotguns won't be proofed for more powerful steel carts, though there's plenty of evidence to show that unless you're using a silly choke in really old gun, our proof standard are rather conservative and it won't affect guns adversely.
    Lots of people are more concerned about the changeover from plastic to fibre wads. Personally I feel firing single-use plastics into the environment is worse than chucking lead (admittedly concentrated) back where it came from.
    It's a complex subject.

    So no I don't think a lead ban is on the cards due to the small-scale nature of the air sports and being somewhat off-radar, at least for the foreseeable. Even if it was - and I don't think a ban would be done, more like the above voluntary changeover - it would be the kick up the backside the pellet manufacturers would need to do some R&D on better performing, affordable, non-lead pellets, same as the cartridge makers now find themselves having to do with some promising results already.
    How this would affect longer-range air rifle accuracy is open to debate, we already know they perform very differently to lead. Some barrels may like them, some may hate them. Perhaps barrel design will need to change (such as the FX Twist X system), different twist rates etc. Hunters will have their own opinion which will be completely different to the 10 yard plinkers.
    I've heard some concern about long-term affect of harder materials on barrel wear, but have also heard some convincing arguments to discount it as a problem.
    All I know is that pellet development would drastically accelerate, along with some serious looking at barrel design, and thirdly that shooters expectations and perhaps shooting habits would need to alter a bit. You can throw any ballistics data in the bin for a start!

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