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Good Hunt, But Empty Bag!

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Elk hunter, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Elk hunter

    Elk hunter Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    So after a couple of busy days butchering and a kitchen to fit I decided I needed a couple of days up north stalking for the last buck hunt of the season. Oliver and I headed up on Wednesday night as Thursday looked a good day and Friday a little mixed. As always the M6 was hit and miss on the traffic front but past Manchester it all eases off and plain sailing. Got to the lease gone 7 and the forestry guys were still there and after a few words up to the caravan.

    Must have been tired as I sept like a log and at 6.30 as it was getting light, it was time to get ready. There's no need to rush as there is no pressure on the deer from stalkers where I shoot so no rush. Oliver went down the valley, myself up to the clear fell on the top. It's a good hike but well worth it.

    Morning Breaks

    As I came out of the ride at the top I had a quick glance with the binos. Saw a doe way out on the new planting. Crept out into the clear fell into a small depression to lay in and watch. She was a mature roe and she had a yearling buck in toe plus lasts years doe too. The yearling buck was not worth shooting as the deer are not really doing any lasting damage and there really not enough meat at that age. So I sat and watched for over 30 minutes before they finally move back into the wood. I was happy and moved on..

    Plenty of Deer Trees

    Moving on.

    Walked round to the open basin in the middle of the mature wood, not expecting to see anything. But as I came over the rise in the middle I hit the deck as something caught my eye. Another doe with 2 yearling, she had seen me as well and before long made an exit along with young. Lay and waited for 15/20 minutes to see if a buck appeared, but a no show. Time for breakfast!

    Oliver had seen a buck, but it was more of the walked into each other on the river. Over a good fry up we chewed the cud. The day was just getting better, sun out and no clouds. Time to play, out came the toys as we can shoot from the caravan into an old quarry up to 250 yards. Oliver had some exploding targets to try, they were a bit lame more smoke than bang. But fun all the same and tough to shoot at distance with his .22 Jet with x4 scope and my .22 hornet with x1.5 scope. Along with a .270, .243, .25-06 and a couple of rimfires a good few hours and a pile of ammo spent. A perfect way to waist time.

    Target time.

    By 1pm it was time to head out again and the wind was all over the place. I went back to the clear fell but down near the bottom part of the wood. The sun was beating down and I found a log to sit on to give me a good over view of the valley. Had 40 winks as it was so pleasant. Sadly after 2 hours nothing appeared so I took a steady walk back over some recent woodland and a short sit and watch just for the hell of it.

    Dogs happy.

    Here will do.

    Newly felled.

    Find a stump.

    Back for tea and cake before finding somewhere to sit for the evening. Unfortunately the weather was changing, more cloud and the odd spot of rain. Had to find a tree to sit under.
    Went to Oliver's Tree (called because he often falls asleep under it) as it sits in a good productive ride and some 300 yards of ground to look over. Sat till the light was going, but it went cold and as the temperature dropped the chances of seeing anything got slim.

    Olivers Tree.


    Walked home by torch light to a welcome cupper and bison sirloin steak, mushy peas and chips. Life does not get a hole lot better. Sadly the rain moved in over night and Friday was grim. Heavy rain with strong winds meant time to pack up and leave earlier than planed. No buck but a great time with my old hunting buddy and a good catch up.


    Walk home.
  2. nath92

    nath92 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Oswaldtwistle .Lancashire
    Stunning place Andrew , you have some fantastic outings by the look of it cheers for sharing

  3. Tripleteer

    Tripleteer Donator

    Likes Received:
    Great reading as always Andrew, fantastic looking place to shoot too. atb Paul.
  4. Andy Wales

    Andy Wales Donator

    Likes Received:
    South Wales
    Pity you only got to shoot targets :(, but just to be out there is wonderful :). Makes you feel alive and at peace with the world. Photos are superb though and it's great to see them in such good quality and framed so well. Do you take a dedicated DSLR or are they with an iPhone camera etc?

    Reading it all though, the best bit just has to be this --> bison sirloin steak, mushy peas and chips

    OMG Andrew, I would drive from South Wales all the way to Scotland I think for a meal like that :D. Actually, it's made me really hungry right now just reading/thinking about it.....Mmmm, almost time for dinner too ;).

    EDIT:Your scope looks slighly canted to the right in the one pic too. Just kidding, it's probably not spirit level straight on the rest with you :p lol.

    Andy :)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  5. Macdoog

    Macdoog Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Thanks for sharing. Thats some very beautiful country there!
  6. Peter Norris

    Peter Norris Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Thanks for taking the time do this post, very interesting photos and good reading. Happy hunting!
  7. engraver

    engraver Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    Well done Andrew lovely place to get away.

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