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Getting back into air rifles.

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Foyler, May 8, 2007.

  1. Foyler

    Foyler Newbie

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    I used to hunt fairly regularly with my fathers Webley Tempest but after moving to Shetland I never got round to buying a rifle for myself.
    I now have access to a lot of 'rabbit rich' land and have asked to do some pest control for the local farmer. As such I'll need to buy a rifle, which is where you guys come in! :)

    I have around £200 to spend on a hunting setup (don't want to spend too much until I get back into it properly - also my wife won't take the clamp off my wallet!!)

    I have been looking at the Remington Genesis and Gamo Vipermax with 3-9x40 scopes as these are sitting around the correct price and look to be reasonable rifles.

    Obviously up here in the far North wind is a big factor so .22 would be advisable. What rifle would you guys choose and would you pick an alternative type of scope? Also gun retailers are very limited up here so was going to buy online. Any suggestions of retailer?

    Thank you very much for your time and advice in advance!
  2. Mick Dundee

    Mick Dundee Engaging Member

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    Buying gun for £200

    Hi, why not try Pellpax ?
  3. Andy

    Andy Administrative Staff Member Founder

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    Whatever you go for the scope must be able to take the recoil, many cheep scopes won't hold zero for long on a springer.
    If the scope has the lifetime guarantee then you can always send it back for a fix or replacement.
    I have had a few scopes shake to bits and they were supposed to be springer rated, that said i had them on gasram guns and they tend to be a little more harsh on scopes.
    Blackpool air rifles will give you good honest advise, ask if the scope has limited lifetime warranty.
  4. magicaxeman

    magicaxeman Member

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    pellpax are good, they do go out of their way to help, JSR are good as well, uttings not bad but delivery is extra and can be expensive on small stuff.

    Best bet would be to look for a secondhand TX200 or BSA XL etc on the forums..

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