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Fantastic Rapid & Scope Set Up.

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by johnfaulkner, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. johnfaulkner

    johnfaulkner Newbie

    Likes Received:
    here is my .20 mk1 rapid, its a late one with the later engraving & bolt plate.....

    ok, its a mk1 fitted with a mk2 stock & bolt. up top is a falcon 4-14X56 IR mildot scope.

    the kit is fantastic, excellent condition all round, apart from the silencer, it has been painted black at some point (not by me) and could do with another flick to match the quality & condition of the rest of the gun.
    this really is a fantastic set up and is not being used, so its got to go as i can't warrant having this kind of cash stood in the gun cabinet.
    this gun runs fantastically on .20 H&N FTT pellets [​IMG]

    a few pointers about the set up:

    -the bottle is a late one with the pin type valve, not the leaky ball bearing one [​IMG]
    -there is a delrin hammer pip fitted, really quietens down the action
    -there is also a u.k.neil evolution vorttex silencer fitted, this makes for a realy quiet rapid [​IMG]
    -there is a theoen trigger shoe fitted
    -comes with one .20 12 shot mag
    -scope comes with all accessories, 2 X stackable sun shades, larde side wheel & cleaning cloth
    -kit will come with standard cocking bolt, standard 25mm mounts, standard hammer pip & a guide to striping the rapid down if needed. (i havent stripped it, only had the hammer out to fit the silent hammer pip) & a few other small extras - o-rings etc

    i first had this set up for £650, but as i would like a fairly quick sale i'll take £600 collected, will post at buyers cost, but i prefer face to face deals on guns. if interested your more than welcome to come & test out this fine gun [​IMG]

    PM, email or call me for further details. johnfaulkner1985@hotmail.com or 07852 155 322

    scope details: http://www.falconoptics.com/4-14x56IR.php
    piccs of the gun: http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/4626605

    EDIT: will take .177 fenman or evolution in part ex [​IMG]

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