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FAC Air or .22LR?

Discussion in 'Firearms Certificate (FAC) Guns' started by Nexus180, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Nexus180

    Nexus180 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi - I'm sure this issue has been covered in lots of threads (which I will check), but I was hoping to get any views on which of these options would be best for my particular permissions. My main permission is a 23 acre farm consisting of about 6 large open fields and a few wooded areas (including a small, wooded high-sided valley). There are a few buildings dotted around the permission, but all in one spot in the middle. There are about 5 large residential houses (not owned by my permission land owner) on the borders of the permission - all behind wooded areas/ thick hedges/ across fields.

    I have been shooting rabbits, pigeon, squirrel and corvids there with my .177 sub-12ft/lb air rifle at day and night for a few years now at ranges out to 35m maximum. I am seriously considering either going to FAC Air or getting a .22LR. I am not necessarily looking to extend my range, but I am hoping that the extra power will give me more stopping power/ mean that I can go for killzones other than headshots and give me a flatter trajectory (to help primarily with night shooting where I still find range estimation a serious challenge). Given the residential houses nearby I would like to keep thinks as quiet as possible - hence why I'm looking at either FAC air or .22LR (rather than .17HMR).

    Any views/ hints generally on the suitability of FAC Air vrs .22LR would be v gratefully received, as this is a new area for me!
  2. gasman

    gasman Up a bit,,,,,,,

    Likes Received:
    1066 country
    forget both of them two, get a .17 hmr ,job done :)
  3. David M

    David M Donator

    Likes Received:
    Sorry Nexus180, I have no experience of FAC guns, but I have been using my homebuild NV about 3 times a week to great effect this Summer once I learnt how to get the best results from it. Like you, when using a NV setup, range estimation was an issue. I now batch up around 25-30 yards from an area I have seen them emerge from before and shoot from a static position. This has lead to great results and I'm not stumpling around in the dark. Over time I have ranged out about 10 different areas and shoot them in rotation.......:up:
  4. warrenater

    warrenater Donator

    Likes Received:
    Kings Lynn
    i have not used .22lr as the stories of ricochets put me off , what i can tell you though is .22 air fac will give you a bit flatter trajectory than 12 ft lb .177 especially if you run with something around 30-35 ft lbs with a pellet of about 16-18 grains but here is the catch it still has to be accurate even for a body shot. the hmr would do the job from what i have heard and with fewer ricochets and a much flatter trajectory but i take it its the problem of the noise that puts you off. atb gary
  5. neiled

    neiled Donator

    Likes Received:
    Hi and welcome along Nexus.

    Ok I'd have initially also said 17 HMR but the sonic crack is quite load and you can't do anything about it so it won't be ideal for you.

    FAC air will give you everything you've currently got plus additional range and clout. I restrict my range to around the 65 yard mark as I prefer to use minimal hold over/under but at low mag (x4 - x6) it's virtually point and shoot (+/- half mildot).

    .22RF gives you added range and power (80 - 100 yards) but won't suit some of your needs as you won't be able to shoot in to trees or near buildings due to ricochet risk so really it's down to you deciding which would suit you best.

    Based on what you said in your initial post FAC Air could IMO be the best option for you.
  6. bunnyblatter

    bunnyblatter Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    FAC air sounds favourite mate. .22 at 35-40ftlb
    Prob go for air ranger or rapid mk2 as they still offer plenty of shots as they're buddy bottle guns.
    Let us know which route you decide to go down and get some pics up of the rig you choose
  7. kermitboy1

    kermitboy1 Banned BANNED

    Likes Received:
    Hi mate, I have 'fac' air and 17hmr. I would strongly recommend going for 'FAC' air, for the following reasons. As it would appear that this will be your first route in to 'FAC' firearms, any 'feo' will look much more favourably towards an application on the basis of going for 'fac air'. The reason being that the rules now state that an 'fac' air rifle application can be approved as an open permit straight off, provided you have the land owner permission to shoot. So that means you can take it along to any subsequent new permissions that you were likely to obtain. I would be very surprised if the same grant would be given were you going for .22LR imo.

    I have used .22LR and in my opinion my 'Daystate Air Ranger' running at 40 ft.lbs in .22 can compete just as good with humane kills out to 80yds. You still need to be taking good accurate head shot preferably, but the impact and hitting power in evident with most kills. Its a very useful asset to my pest control equipment.

    The other bonus factors to remember are, cheap to run, and less of a crucial back stop required. You are going to need to master hold over when going out to around 80 yds, but that's the same story with .22Lr, from what I have seen. However there will not be any concerns about bits of bullet's bouncing here and everywhere either.

    17hmr is not the route to go from what you have said about your permissions. As already stated by others on here, its a serious noise maker whatever moderator you try, and you wont be shooting anything without a back stop, trust me. Plus I don't think any 'feo' would be likely to grant it, when you talk about properties being nearby.

    So from my point of view, I would apply for 'fac' air plus a moderator in .22. If you are granted the ticket and you buy a rifle, you should really try and then find a pellet that will produce a 'fps' speed of around 950 fps max. Any faster and you are going to lose accuracy when you get out towards the 80yds mark due to the pellet starting to become to unstable and the effects of spiralling. I hope all of this makes some kind of sense in helping you make that choice. Good luck with the application. KB1:up:
  8. r10hunter

    r10hunter Honorary Member

    Likes Received:
    As above defiantly fac air.
    23 acres is a small area of land really to be finding enough angles for backstops for bullets if there are houses within it.
    Many fields on large farms are more than 23 acres.
    Also for an extra tenner get SGC too. A silenced shotty is good tool on areas like yours.
    Cheers Andy
  9. Nexus180

    Nexus180 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    thanks for all the replies - v v helpful and certainly sounds like FAC air is the place to start for me. will also take a look at silenced shotgun, which i had presumed would be too loud.

    thanks again

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