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Diana P1000 review

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by Dards, May 20, 2014.

  1. Dards

    Dards Newbie

    Likes Received:
    I upgraded my Diana Model 35 with T05 trigger to P1000S couple of weeks back and will use this thread to share my experience and its performance with everyone. I understand the initial Diana P1000 had some issues with the valve assembly, but I was told the issues had been fixed.

    I purchased Diana P1000S 0.22 along with Hill Pump MkIII. The gun and the cylinder has manufacturing date of jan 2014. Have installed MTC viper 6-24x56 which I believe is a good match for this gun.

    Initially the spread was not very consistent and was not really happy with the gun. However on guidance from a good friend of mine using a fishing line I made a pull-through and cleaned the barrel with clean dry cotton cloth. Barrel cleaning really helped reduce the spread.

    I have used H&N FTT 14.xxGrn, H&N Baracude at 21.xxGrn and RWS Superdome at 14.xxGrn but Diana P1000 just like any other PCP shines with JSB's both 16 & 18 Grain. The spread at 50 yards is close to 1/2 inch, basically all the pellets would just make the initial hole bigger. Another good thing is that you get this accuracy across the entire cylinder fill cycle. Have already fired more than 5000 pellets through it and it is performing with same consistency and accuracy.

    Only complaint i have with the gun is with the 14pellet magazine. While the single shot cartridge works fine the 14 pellet magazine has a tendency to skip pellets in between shots.

    Will share are more details soon.
    Last edited: May 20, 2014
  2. Dards

    Dards Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Sharing Chrony results of Diana P1000 with JSB 16Grn pellets. Pressure is in Bars

    Shot# FPS Pressure
    Group 1
    1 911.1 250
    2 915.0
    3 911.4
    4 906.8
    5 907.5
    6 905.5
    7 907.8 230
    Avg. 909.3
    Variance 9.5

    Group 2
    8 909.4 230
    9 905.5
    10 905.8
    11 907.5
    12 912.7
    13 913.1
    14 910.4 205
    Avg. 909.2
    Variance 7.5

    Group 3
    15 905.8 205
    16 911.7
    17 907.5
    18 913.1
    19 908.8
    20 915.4
    21 915.4 199
    Avg. 911.1
    Variance 9.5

    Group 4
    22 915.4 199
    23 910.4
    24 913.7
    25 907.5
    26 907.8
    27 911.1
    28 911.3 180
    Avg. 911.0
    Variance 7.9

    Group 5
    29 911.1 180
    30 901.6
    31 904.1
    32 908.1
    33 909.4
    34 912.4
    35 905.2 155
    Avg. 907.4
    Variance 10.8

    Group 6
    36 905.8 155
    37 904.9
    38 910.1
    39 907.8
    40 903.5
    41 909.4
    42 908.8 145
    Avg. 907.2
    Variance 6.6

    Group 7
    43 906.2 145
    44 909.4
    45 908.5
    46 907.2
    47 907.1
    48 908.3
    49 909.8 140
    Avg. 908.1
    Variance 3.6

    Group 8
    50 902.2 140
    51 903.2
    52 902.2
    53 899.9
    54 889.1 130
    55 882.5
    56 880.6 115
    Avg. 894.3
    Variance 22.6

    Group 9
    57 878.3 115
    58 879.9
    59 873.0
    60 862.9
    61 846.8
    62 837.6
    63 827.4 100
    Avg. 858.0
    Variance 52.5

    Group 10
    64 845.1
    65 816.3
    66 807.7
    67 802.8
    68 797.2 95
    Avg. 813.8
    Variance 47.9
  3. Ichabod Armacost

    Ichabod Armacost Donator

    Likes Received:
    Them's big numbers for .22, I know plenty of .177 shooters that would be delighted with FPS figures like that, am I missing summat? Swift edit!!!! Yes I was missing summat, your location!!!:up::D
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2014
  4. Hoodster

    Hoodster Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    I'm sure cycling problems with the magazine was one of the issues that was supposed to be sorted now but it would seem not.
  5. milegajo

    milegajo Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Crushingly disappointing from Diana. Weihrauch really set the bar by getting the 100 bang on right the first time straight off production. BSA failed and have suffered for it. Looks like Diana are learning the same lesson whilst the HW100 marches on.
  6. Cymru-Dave

    Cymru-Dave Donator

    Likes Received:
    As always without a picture we don't even believe you have one ;)
  7. Sharif A Zahedi

    Sharif A Zahedi Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Dear All,
    Anybody can tell me what is the max pressure of firing chamber for Diana P1000 (Full power version 40J).
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Sharif A Zahedi

    Sharif A Zahedi Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Dear All,
    Anybody can tell me what is the max pressure of firing chamber for Diana P1000 (Full power version 40J).
    Thanks in advance.

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