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Crosman P38

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by chuke, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. chuke

    chuke Newbie

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    I have for sale a Crosman P38 CO2 pistol. My neighbor in halls wanted rid of this as he was moving home and didn't particulrly want to explain to them why he had it, so I bought it off of him. However I don't have any particular use for it as I'm more of an airsofter.

    These guns aren't anything particularly special, but I suppose they'd be good for someone getting into pistol shooting as they seem pretty tough, and fairly powerul. Like I said these things aren't really my forte, so I'd imagine most other people on this forum know far more than I do.

    It's in pretty reasonable condition, nothing broken or scratched deeply, everything works fine. I'll send the tub of .177 balls with it, I've got a CO2 canister as well, but I'm not sure as of yet whether the royal mail will let me post that. If anyone's interested I can post pictures as well.

    I think £20 including postage's a reasonable price, they're about £35 new.
  2. shom

    shom Newbie

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    Hey dude, how would £15 sound without the CO2?

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