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compound bow

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by motomallen, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. motomallen

    motomallen Member

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    i have a left hand (bow in right hand arrow in left hand) matchpoint pro-line hunter compound bow in camo colour, it comes with sights, 5 alloy easton 2018 treebark camo arrows with quiver/arrow holder that attaches to the bow.this thing is adjusted to a 75lb (adjustable down to 55lb) pull so you need some muscle to draw it but once back it has a 65% let off so it's easy to hold and aim. this thing is awsomely powerful and with a little practice you can knock the centre out of a target at well over 75metres, the penetrating power is scarey. i imported it from the states a few months ago where they use them for hunting anything from rabbits to bears! it's in excellent condition.
    i'm looking for a nice .22 so if you're interested in a truely mad dangerous toy then get back to me. i'm in swanage dorset. needless to say only people over 21 and reasonably sane need apply.

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