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Cheapo Lasers, Mounts, Adjustable S400 Striker

Discussion in 'Private Airgun and Accessories Sales' started by cloverleaf, Dec 5, 2018 at 6:01 PM.

  1. cloverleaf

    cloverleaf Super Moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    As the clearout continues I've got a few more bits I'd like to get rid of:


    First up is a very compact laser sight (bottom LHS of pic with mounts and accessories in bag to the right). I'm not sure what the mounts are intended to fit - will check!). The unit appears to need a number of button cell batteries, but I've not got any so it's untested and hence sold as seen.

    I'd like £9 posted please.

    Next up in another laser sight (RHS in packet). This has batteries included and works (although I'm not sure how healthy they are). It comes with what appears to be a barrel mount, which unfortunatlely is missing one of its screws.

    I'd like £12 posted please.

    Third we have a pair of old-skool single-screw medium mounts (top RHS). They're in pretty good nick and would go well on a 70s / 80s rifle.

    I'm after £6 posted please.

    Finally we have an adjustable-stroke / mass striker for an Air Arms 300/400/500 series rifle. This doesn't contain bearings and was made as a test-piece by the forum's own Terry1001. The front portion unscrews to allow the supplied spacers to be fitted to shorten the unit's stroke.

    This was made for the purpose of playing with stroke length, but I never got around to it.

    Terry was very generous in his provision of this unit, so it's free to anyone happy to cover the £3.50 postage :)

    If anyone wants multiple items I'm happy to do both lasers for £16 posted or everything for £20 posted.

    Usual forum etiquette applies please - first dibs goes to whoever states "I'll take it" or similar in the thread then backs this up with a PM; although as above I reserve the right to prioritise those who've asked for multiple items.

    As usual I'll do my very best to get stuff processed and sent out ASAP, however I'll have a fair amount to deal with and will be away for the weekend. I'll try to keep everyone updated, though ;)

    Ta for looking; any questions please ask :)
  2. The Robin

    The Robin Super Moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    I will take the s400 striker, drop us a pm :thumb:
  3. cloverleaf

    cloverleaf Super Moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    PM replied to; you have first dibs on the striker :)

    Everything else still up for grabs :)
    The Robin likes this.

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