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cheap chinese b3 air rifles

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by motomallen, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. motomallen

    motomallen Member

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    hi folks, i recently bought i wholesale lot of b3 chinese underlever .22 rifles for myself and all the sane (lmao) over 30's friends of mine. these things have had good and bad reviews but i've found once you've cleaned all the anti-rust coating off of them and given the internals a clean and oil that they are actually huge amounts of fun if all you want to do is blast coke cans and scare the local wildlife, they are quite powerfull and reasonably accurate if you put a half sensible scope on them.
    anyway, i have a few left new in boxes, the trouble and strife is going mental and they have to go. if you're over 21 and of sound mind i want £30 each for them. i live in swanage dorset so if you'd like one you'll be welcome to come round and get one.

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