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Beginner Budget Air Rifle

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by daski, Mar 26, 2020 at 10:58 AM.

  1. daski

    daski Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi All

    So, I have decided I will try some shooting with an air rifle. I had a go long time ago but this was using some extremely poor quality rifle which my friends uncle had at his farm.

    I want to buy something low budget and then if I like it we will see. My budget is around 200 pounds, from what I have seen it is not a lot :) but still gives few options.

    After looking on internet I think I will go with https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/ - this is not an advert I have no idea where to buy - but it seems they sell what I am after within the budget.

    I have already decided I want spring rifle. However I want an advice on the following and check if my assumption are correct:
    1. calibre - 0.177 vs .22 - as far I understand .22 gives a bit more power but less accuracy - is there really a lot of difference between these two?
    2. from 0.22 range - the choice is (for the reference):
    3. on the brand - so the options are Stoeger, Hatsan, Gamo, BSA, Weihrauch - after looking at reviews it seems that Hatsan, Stoeger and Gamo - are quite same in quality (bad but ok for beginners) and BSA and Weihrauch are better however slightly more expensive, I think I will go with Stoeger in the end as a lot of people say customer support is best with them
    4. aiming - I want to have open sight view so Stoeger X20S S2 went out from the list as I think it only uses scope
    5. Stoeger X20S S2 Wood / Combo 3-9x40.AO is nice option but I have seen a lot of opinions that combo scopes are really bad within this price range and need adjusting every 20 shoots ... so I think it may be better if I buy open sight only - and then buy separate scope - as some people indicated
    6. on the material - my understanding is that wood is cool looking and preferred by a lot of people but requires more maintenance - so I think at this stage I am going with synthetic
    7. Stoeger F40 Underlever Wood / Combo 3-9x40.AO - this looks really nice and it is underlever so should be more accurate - however due to not best opinions I have seen and the way of loading I think I will skip on this one

    So considering all of these points I think I will go with Stoeger X20 Synthetic / Open Sights and if I enjoy shooting then I can extend this by buying scope. Is my thinking correct? Maybe it is better to buy combo? Are these bundle scopes really so bad?

    Sorry for long post, thanks :)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020 at 11:18 AM
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  2. Zeroexpo123

    Zeroexpo123 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    I know nothing about the Stoeger you mention as I've never owned one.

    What I have got & still own, though, are the SMK XS19, Hatsan 900x, and Crosman 2250XL, & I highly recommend them all as budget end Air Rifles.

    Others worth consideration from the vast amount of great reviews I've read about them are the Remington Pest Controller, Remington Express, & the Hatsan Mod series.
  3. mikeyhall1

    mikeyhall1 2018 & 2019 Forum Nice Guy

    Likes Received:
    Chelmsford/Upminster - Essex
    Welcome mate,

    Exciting times!

    To help, stay away from Gamo, BSA and most SMK springer - the quality will disappoint you.

    If you’re just target shooting, get a .177. Some springers shoot better in .22 as smoother to shoot but a .177 can sometimes only need a little more practice.

    If I was in your shoes I’d look at the-

    Remington Express Range
    SMK 19
    Remington Pest Controller - only available in .22
    Hatsan 55

    Good luck buddy
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  4. rich79

    rich79 Lovin the smell of cordite in the morning

    Likes Received:
    I would forget a scope for now & try to make that £200 stretch all the way on the gun.
    A £200 SMK/Remington/Hatsan will be much better than anything with all the gunbag, pellets, scope, mount, pellet catcher thrown in.
    Try to get a fixed barrel model.
    Mike Watkins likes this.
  5. Regal Man

    Regal Man Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    Go to a gun club , try different guns. Do that a few times, if you like it. Buy a top end springer. That's my advise. Buying a cheap nasty thing may put you off completely.
    Bunny-on-Bunny and Drake267 like this.
  6. Drake267

    Drake267 Very Active

    Likes Received:
    For £200 I’d go used all day long. You would get a used hw99 with a scope for that.
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  7. rabbitwrecker

    rabbitwrecker The Tree Hunter...

    Likes Received:

    Hi and welcome. Whoever told you that. 22 is more powerful, but less accurate is an idiot. There is no reason why one calibre should be any more or less accurate than the other. I have rifles in both calibres capable of delivering sub-moa groups. As for power, we have a 12 ft/lb limit - and most modern springers are more than able to achieve this. Within your budget, I'd be looking at the Hatsan 55s/60s or the Remington Express - or an HW99s if you can afford one... :thumb:
  8. ratman60

    ratman60 Very Active

    Likes Received:
    hello, HW 99 S £200 ish but check out the post by cloverleaf on serial numbers, galling issue, then another £50 for a hawke scope, you do not put a location?
  9. steve9956

    steve9956 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Thumbs up to getting a good used rifle for that money! :thumb: should be able to get something a lot better for the money ! Welcome to the forum :welcome:
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  10. michael54r

    michael54r Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    a used Walther Century come up under £200
  11. 32:1

    32:1 Theoben user

    Likes Received:
    Id go .22 Hatsan 60s (55s is the .177)
    Nice trigger, no issues realy, nice walnut stock and around £100 if you shop around and fitted with open sights, great fun

    DRAGONBAIT666 and rabbitwrecker like this.
  12. Brickhill

    Brickhill Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Take a look at a Crosman Phantom Mk2. Comes with a one piece mount and 3-9x40 scope. Factory power level is lust under the UK limit of 12 ft lbs.
    It's got a nicely proportioned stock and is comfortable to shoot.
    New, this package is usually quoted at £199.99 but you may find it cheaper if you shop around.
    Good luck and have some fun. :welcome:
  13. audi swift

    audi swift Man up & pull the bloody trigger.... HFT 101.

    Likes Received:
    Live in Stoke On Trent. But i visit Bromsgrove.
    Try to go a club \ range when they're back open & safe to do so. & see what people are using, HW are nice, there's some other makes what will do.
    Or a couple of gun shops, but try some out what fit you nice & feels okay, I've got a brand new springer for sale, not on this forum mind. & the advert is on hold at the moment.
  14. JoeHeugh

    JoeHeugh Beware the Springer

    Likes Received:
    North East
    I'm assuming you want one now and the usual "shop around" or "visit a club" are not applicable so I'll just give some general thoughts.

    Calibre. No difference in power, .22 may have slightly more "punch" but .177 goes deeper, some of us prefer .22 for hunting but the end result is the same, its just a personal preference we could debate forever. However .177 has a flatter trajectory which basically means it's easier to hit things further away. The downside of the smaller calibre is the pellet loses energy faster and it's more affected by the wind but really the effects are marginal. Lastly .22 springers tend to have a smoother firing cycle but dont worry about that, you will get used to whatever you have. So even though I'm a dedicated .22 shooter I'd advise .177 for your first rifle.

    Wood or laminate? Who cares? So long as your not having to dry out your rifle after a day in the rain it won't make any difference. Wood does need a little bit more care but serious damage is easier to repair. I like synthetic but only because I dont care about mark's or scratches. Choose whichever you like.

    What you do want is a decent trigger that feels smooth when you start pulling it and then breaks sharply and doesn't need too much force. Also try the gun at your shoulder, you dont want to feel scrunched up or stretched out, hopefully the pad on your finger will fall naturally on the trigger and your eye will line up nicely on the sights.

    Good luck whatever you get, and welcome to the hobby.
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  15. daski

    daski Member

    Likes Received:
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  16. Kj1

    Kj1 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Mod 60s for me too:thumb:
  17. secretagentmole

    secretagentmole Low down, dirty and quiet...

    Likes Received:
    King's Lynn
    Hatsan are now eye wateringly overpriced. Check out the humble SMK XS19.
    Deejayuu likes this.
  18. Pleides


    Likes Received:
    South Liverpool
    Hatsan 60s would be a good idea :up:
  19. ArticFX

    ArticFX Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi daski

    Where will your shooting take place?..at home do you have a garden & how big is it, do you have access to land to shoot on?..or will it be at a club. :thumb:
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  20. Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the Dark Member

    Likes Received:
    This is useful thread for me, had some questions about the Hatsun & they're all answered here. Thanks. Pleased about walnut stock. Very good
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