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Baikal MP-514k has arrived!!

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by Tinbum, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Tinbum

    Tinbum Delusions of adequacy

    Likes Received:
    In Sparkling Isolation
    As some may know, I ordered the worlds ugliest gun from Germany on Monday. I'm stuck in the house today as littluns poorly bad and off school, so I was sulking a bit to be honest, then the doorbell went.

    Its arrived!!:eek:

    The box is tiny! I put my ultra on top for comparison. Maybe they'd sent a pistol by mistake?
    I opened the box.... Another, smaller box! Eek!
    Inside that I finally found Mr Ugly, nestled in the usual oil impregnated paper the Russians are so keen on. There's a very good manual as well, stacked with info and pics on operation and how to strip it!!:D:D

    The fit and finish is fine, it's stock and top frame are plastic, housing a very solid over lever cylinder and barrel, giving a nice feel to the gun, light and very pointable. I took it outside for a play in the garden and found the first problem. The magazine! It's located at the rear of the gun and the pellets are a very sloppy fit. This means if the gun isn't muzzle down when you load it the pellets can drop out and get trapped inside and cause much swearing! First shot. BANG, SHUDDER, CRUNCH! Any of those will do, I flapped my arms around to try and clear the big pall of blue smoke I was now standing in, the birds took wing from the trees and a small tribe of native Americans came over to see what I wanted. I fired a few more off to clear it a bit before I tried a few shots over the chrono. Eight shots (one mag) covered 480-520fps with 8.4 AA. So 5fpe it is then!

    I switched the child monitor on and took it down to the shed so I could have a tinker. Within seconds, the very well written instructions had helped me get it into its component parts. The piston is a little 25mm affair weighing only 112g, rather let down by the hulking great steel spring guide/piston weight which added another 55g. That'd have to go! The spring resembles a week old stick of celery, very limp and more than a bit pathetic. I'd nothing in my box of bits that was suitable, so that'll have to wait til I can get to the shop. I put the piston on the lathe and gave the contact points a good polish, and while I was at it, I took 1mm off the seal rebate as I wanted to fit my Vmac TX seal instead of the one supplied. While it was apart I also checked out the safety as it hadn't felt very positive in use. As I should have expected, it was fitted with a pingfukkit, and it took me ten minutes to find it and get it rebuilt.

    The safety clicks between positions now, which is good, I tried a few test shots, no diesel, no crunch, less recoil and generally nicer all round to shoot. I guessed this was due to the piston weight getting dumped, so knew the power would have dropped accordingly, hopefully with a few fps clawed back by the vmac seal. Eight shots over the F1 showed 527-532 fps, so a bit more power and better variation.

    I'll update this when I fit a proper spring and get a scope on it.:)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2014
  2. jaarus

    jaarus Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Trowbridge, Wiltshire
    "and a small tribe of native Americans came over to see what I wanted."

    This induced a 'coffee choke'. :D


    "As I should have expected, it was fitted with a pingfukkit, and it took me ten minutes to find it and get it rebuilt."

    and again. :D

    Note to self: Dont drink and read AGF!.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2014
  3. NorfolkDave

    NorfolkDave Donator

    Likes Received:
    "pingfukkit" what a delightful word, I think you should inform the bods at the OED so that it gets included next year.

    It's still a dog to look at, if your unable to come up with any third party alterations to make it more likeable perhaps something to protect the anonimity of the user?

    And that is absolutely all I've got to say about that.

    Dave (swivelly eyed frog swamp)

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