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backstop/target holder project

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by hobson, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. hobson

    hobson Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    West Yorkshire
    As i use A4 printed paper targets for practice and zeroing i was getting fed up of using drawing pins to hold the paper in place, and fed up of replacing boards covered in pellets!
    So i had a few hours in the workshop and have knocked one up, hopefully it might be of use to someone;

    I started by buying a couple of clipboards from Wilko for a couple of quid and pulling the springy bits off:
    2012-02-12 17.35.00.jpg

    Then cut out an old piece of 18mm board:
    2012-02-12 17.41.01.jpg

    Now obviously you could just attach them to the board and you'd be away, but thats too easy, not to mention a not very safe backstop, so add a couple of bits of 40mm square wood to mount the spring clips on:

    2012-02-12 17.44.06.jpg

    Screw the spring clips to the batons and make sure the batons are spaced properly for the targets, then screw them in from the back:
    2012-02-12 17.54.02.jpg

    Now you'll notice you have a recess behind the paper, which you can now fill with your chosen pellet stopping material, in my case some old hessian backed carpet, as many layers as will fit:
    2012-02-12 17.59.58.jpg

    Now you just have to screw down the carpet/cardboard/putty/wood with some screws and washers, this is now the replaceable bit, so when it's full of pellets and no longer a good/safe backstop, you just put something else there, and here's the result so far:
    2012-02-12 18.03.51.jpg

    Next up i'll be making a framework to keep it upright and building a surround, possibly with a light in it.
    So far all it's cost me is the couple of quid for the clipboards, and some offcuts of wood and carpet.

    Any ideas for improvements or comments are gratefully received!
  2. Mart61

    Mart61 Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    Neat solution to your problem!
  3. PAUL1986

    PAUL1986 Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    great idea mate :up:
  4. Accuspell

    Accuspell Major Poster

    Likes Received:
    Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
    If you had an angled piece of dense material, maybe a faced piece of kitchen worktop, with the worktop side towards the rifle. At an angle of 45 degrees,I think it would be strong enough to deflect the pellets down. Cut a hole in your back board behind the target, have the carpet to slow the pellet down significantly, then the deflector plate should be fine with the slowed pellet - maybe do it with a piece of plastic kitchen board, that might be strong enough and it would be quiet for the neighbours because the carpet has taken the sting out of the pellet.

    Might be a work in progress -but then you could collect the lead and melt it down to make a few fishing weights!
  5. Lars G5

    Lars G5 Member

    Likes Received:
    I have a large cardboard box approx 28" wide and 16" high stuffed full of old clothes. I sealed it with packing tape and this allows me to either tape printed targets (A4) to it or stick on self adhesive targets to the packing tape.
    I have 4 sides to the box that I can use at any one time without having to stick new targets onto it. I just turn the box over each side gives me three A4 sheets of targets.

    When too many holes appear I just face it with another piece of cardboard. It is also an extremely quiet pellet trap and does not disturb the neighbours as the pellets do not hit a hard surface.
  6. hobson

    hobson Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    West Yorkshire
    Thanks for the suggestions gents, and to reply;

    there's no issue with noise, we live on a farm, and all the neighbouring farms have someone who shoots, either shotguns or rifles, so the noise i make isn't going to upset anyone!
    I wanted to use the spring clips as I'm fed up with tape not sticking and being brittle in the cold! and using drawing pins is a pain too! fiddly things when you have gloves on!

    I like the idea of the deflector, i have some sheet metal i could use, and maybe knock up or find a tray to catch them in, though heaven knows what for as i don't fish! but at least i can collect them.

    I'm also thinking about making the main board be able to rotate, so i can put targets on sideways, as i have some nice rabbit ones printed that way, so it might be a case of having a framework to hold the main board which allows it to be mounted either way, i'll have a brainstorm.

    Any other ideas please keep 'em coming! :)
  7. darklord

    darklord Can’t beat a tx200 at 30m

    Likes Received:
    wont last long a 12ft lb rifle will soon blow the centre out. mines already blowing my steel pellet trap to pieces. wood has no chance I use a paving slab and my holder just in case now works a treat
  8. SteveB

    SteveB Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Tamworth, Staffs.
    Ok......................... I used to use the box idea but it was bulky, no rags but a steel plate angled inside.
    Then one night, I was sitting twiddling my thumbs and thought " I need something really compact to fit in the boot of my car!"
    I had a steel plate lying around ( for standing my bike on at bike shows) so I just made a frame up out of 2x1 to suit + 4 little hinges.
    Here it is:
    IMG_0459.JPG IMG_0458.JPG IMG_0457.JPG

    The steel is naturally angled, and deflects the pellets into the tray at the bottom. The cardboard is stapled onto the front and easy to change. The bottom tray folds inside for easy storage. Drill 2 8mm holes in the top and knot a piece of nylon rope in a loop to make a carry handle. The weight of the steel plate keeps it closed while you are carrying it!
    Want to make it quiet? Put a bag of rags inside or carpet!

    BTW....... That is NOT my shooting! It is where I was teaching a young lad to shoot a springer! He got there eventually!!! LOL!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012

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