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Ataman Bp-17 (world's Shortest Bullpup)

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by www.Air-Gun-Channel.com, Mar 24, 2019.


Do you know where my cat is? Preacher is gone.

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  1. www.Air-Gun-Channel.com

    www.Air-Gun-Channel.com Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Santa Rosa, CA

    Hey Guys, This video shows the new Ataman BP-17 bullpup PCP rifle. This video is basically a short unboxing and close up look with stats. Accuracy and Chrono testing coming ASAP. Thanks for watching! -Nate

    with guest stars: the new Ergonomic M2 and the AP16.

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  2. Reevo17

    Reevo17 Group therapy

    Likes Received:
    How much do those pistols go for?!

  3. www.Air-Gun-Channel.com

    www.Air-Gun-Channel.com Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Santa Rosa, CA
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  4. whosaidthat

    whosaidthat Newbie

    Likes Received:
    Berkeley, CA, USA
    Yo man,

    Hope you and yours have been good and holding up during these crazy times. Your videos are pretty cool and certainly sincere and funky, all in a good way. I too am a air gun fan, used to shoot a lot a in the mid 2000's and did archery as a teenager. I've got pretty into the PCP air guns in the past couple of years, the leaps and bounds in technology and innovation has made them so much more fun, accurate and powerful. I mainly am into mid to long range target shooting, to me it is a way to find my calm, a zen almost meditative state of mind. You have to control your breath, keep steady and concentrate.

    With all that goes on in the world it's a great way to focus and leave it all behind. I noticed you're in the Bay Area, I was curious if there was a air gun shooting group, club or something like that around here, I'm in Berkeley. I've also looked for a range nearby, but no luck. Being in Berkeley it's not wise to go shooting around here even with a DonnyFL Sumo, but I bought about an acre of land in El Sobrante (adjacent to Kennedy Grove regional park) where I'm in the process of getting my house design plans approved by the County, but in the meantime it's turned into my personal air gun range, not sure about how legal that all is, but so far no complaints....in either case, I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm always looking to try out different accessories, guns, optics and ammo as well as tips and such. I'd be interested in seeing what you got, either for sale, trade or just to check out. BTW, I have a used, in decent shape, Air Venturi 3,500 PSI hand pump if you still need an air source, I would let it go pretty cheap maybe $50-$75, as well as a scope or two that I'm not using much...

    OK, gotta run for an early start to work...

    Take care and be well,
    Berkeley, CA

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