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Air Pistol Review - Umarex Colt 1911 Govt A1 .177

Discussion in 'Airgun Reviews' started by pjgtech, May 10, 2021.

  1. pjgtech

    pjgtech I shoot, therefore I aim......

    Likes Received:
    Umarex Colt Govt A1 1911 Pistol .177 Black (CO2) Review:

    Umarex Colt 1911_May2021_2.jpg Umarex Colt 1911_May2021_3.jpg

    Whilst browsing in a local gun shop last Saturday, I bought this as an impulse buy, although I've always liked the 1911 pistols.
    Shot it at my local range on Sunday, so this is only an initial review. What do I think about it?
    I've shot quite a few pistols over the years, mine and other peoples. And although I have handled a 1911, I have never actually shot one until now. I do not shoot BB's, so this is the pellet version, its seems to be all metal construction and is a nice heavy weight. This is a non blowback version.

    Dimensions: The total length is 220mm with the barrel length of 122.5mm.
    Weight: I have not weighed it myself, but Tinternet claims its 1080g (unscoped).
    Claimed power is 3.5Joules

    Whats included in the package?
    The pistol itself, plus a nice sturdy , black plastic Umarex pistol case with eggbox padding, two 8 shot metal magazines, a small allan key to adjust the rear sights, the manufacturers instructions. The dealer also threw in a dozen CO2 cartridges for free.

    Stock /Action: Seems to be all metal construction, apart from the plastic side grips.
    Magazines: It comes with two x 8 shot mags, these are the usual Umarex metal mags. These are known to jam occasionally if the pellets are not seated correctly, eg: pushed / thumbed into the magazaine so the pellet is flush with no part protruding.
    As long as pellets are inserted correctly the mags seem to work fine, I have used these mage with other pistols.

    CO2 loading: This pistol uses the smaller 12g CO2 cartridges.
    To insert a cartridge you press a button (on the LHS) to release one of the pistol grips (on RHS), this reveals the CO2 cartridge location.
    You release a lever at the base of the pistol grip.
    You insert the cartridge, wind in the small brass thumb turn wheel, (to secure the cartridge).
    You then re-engage the lever at the pistol grip base, this forces the cartridge up which also pierces the cartridge.
    You replace the side grip. The pistol is now ready to shoot.
    The pistol should get about 35 to 40 shots per cartridge.

    Cocking: This has a "Fast Firing" and a "Power cocking system", which is manufacturer speak for basic two stage cocking / firing.
    You can just pull the trigger and it will pull back the lever and the pistol will fire.
    However, it is worth noting that his method has quite a long trigger pull and is quite heavy, as the mechanism is also pulling the trigger hammer back.
    Alternatively, you can cock the gun first by pulling back the trigger hammer manually, this engages the "first stage" of the trigger and the trigger is then much lighter to operate, with a much shorter trigger pull.
    There is also pistol grip "button" which has to be pressed to enable firing.
    When you grip the pistol grip this button is pressed in slghtly, (by the groove between your thumb and your fore finger) so it is an automatic thing that happens, you do not have to think about it.
    The pistol can also be decocked.

    Safety: There is a safety lever on the LHS. It is not automatic, it can be engaged / disengaged at will manually, but seems to work ok.

    Sights: There is a basic raised front sight at the end of the barrel, its rather chunky and maybe would benefit from being filed down a touch?
    There is a basic rear sight, that is adjustable for windage only, via the included small allan key.
    There is no highlight or colouring to the sights, they are metal and black, so would presumably be harder to see in low light, however these can easily be highlighted with a suitable substance, tippex, paint, etc.

    Trigger: When I was initially shooting this, the trigger pull was so heavy and so hard that after only a few shots, eg: about 20, my trigger finger actually hurt! It also affected aiming the gun as so much pressure was needed that it "jerked" the gun when firing. However, I quickly realised that pre cocking, eg: pulling the hammer back first, made the trigger pull much shorter and much lighter! As far as I know the trigger is not adjustable. The trigger is certainly no match trigger or Rekord trigger, but once I'd started to pre cock, it was much better, much lighter, with not much effect on aiming the gun.

    Shooting: How does it shoot?
    Hands up....I am no pistol shooter! I much prefer rifle shooting and usually rested, I also only put about 50 pellets through the gun, so this is certainly not a long term appraisal, yet.
    NB: I have not yet cleaned the gun with a pull through and I had not yet adjusted the sights at all.
    Ok, so my excuses are now out there, Lol...
    I was using JSB Exacts 8.44.
    Our small pistol range is about 8m, and I had a few tin cans up and I could easily hit them every shot.
    I then put up some used shotgun cartridges (two together standing) and I could hit them most times.
    I then put up some single used shotgun cartridges, standing, and I could hit these about 25% of the time.
    I found the gun to be shooting a tad to the left and a tad high, so I will be adjusting for that next time out. I will also look at slight adjustment to rear site) and I will put some proper targets out too, to see what groups it is giving.

    Pellets: So far have only used JSB Exacts, but I usually use RWS Geco's (flat heads) and I will try a few others at some point.

    Build quality: To me it seems to be of good quality, well made, using quality parts, and it works and performs well.
    No doubt I will back with an update after some longer term use.....
    Last edited: May 10, 2021
  2. oedbachgen

    oedbachgen Top Poster

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    Rhondda, South Wales
    Great review pjgtech:thumb:, in short, great gun to hold, shoot and field strip, enjoy:thumb:.

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