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Advice On Bow

Discussion in 'Archery' started by Joel47, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Joel47

    Joel47 Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Kingston Surrey
    Looking to get a bow and am undecided wether to go for a recurve or compound and also what’s good and what’s bad
  2. Paul G W

    Paul G W Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Wait, join a club. Try as many types, lengths, draw weights as possible.
    Just dont buy anything on the internet as there are do many variables, that you need to get exactly correct.
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  3. Readie

    Readie Grumpy Old Fart

    Likes Received:
    I was looking to do a taster section at my local cub this spring but....

    £10 for an hours instruction so I’ll give it a go when I can.

    The club is only a five minute walk too
    Drake267 likes this.
  4. Paul G W

    Paul G W Posting Addict

    Likes Received:
    Real good exercise. Took my two daughters when they were little.
    Be prepared to spend ages looking for lost arrows in the grass.
    We just stopped going, when we moved. The real good guys, just make it look easy, longbow archers aim at the clouds to get their range.
    Drake267 likes this.
  5. CaptDAR

    CaptDAR Always count your shots and your adversary’s

    Likes Received:
    Eastern Scottish Borders
    As Paul G W has written. Very important to go to a club first, speak to the coach and try different bows and styles. You can make very expensive mistakes otherwise.
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  6. GamoGat

    GamoGat Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Look here for clubs

    Clubs do training and if a large club expect lots of second hand equipment to try out as many start the game of minimal gains chasing with very spendy equipment

    www.archerygb.org this is for formal Olympic type shooting. Club structures vary, can be a bit golf clubish, induction course is a given over several weeks where you get trained up and depending on the leanings of the Club you will start with 15-25lb draw weight recurve bows and if club have them some light draw compound bows.
    Used to be called the GNAS Grand National Archery Society and did have victorian attitudes :) they have mellowed out loads, just don't mention Crossbow.....

    www.nfas.net is much cheaper and informal and takes place in woodland with a mixture of 3d foam targets and printed animal faces, depending on club size you can expect to stumble on life size 2d African Bull Elephants. Based on unmarked distances and hunting over formal target work. Pretty much any thing goes bow wise, they do have a 300fps arrow speed limit which for Compounds and Crossbows is easy to hit.
    You can spend the day at competition roaming the woods with a Compound Unlimted at max FPS, medievil warbow/longbow with 100+lb draw weight, and children with 20lb'ers and carbon arrows and the spawn of satan a crossbow or Arbalist.
    Expect to drink tea, eat cake, bacon rolls and even have a veggie choice nowdays.

    There are others EFAA which sits between AGB and NFAS being field archery but with roundal target faces and BLBS which is longbows only.

    I have done both, should be renewing my NFAS right now at £20 as i am clubless i don't have anywhere to practice but don't have club fees either. I like the spawn of satan class :)
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  7. simonplatt

    simonplatt Donator

    Likes Received:
    monks coppenhall
    definately go to a club for a taster session, from there take a beginners course, where bows and equipment are provided, and you will have opportunity to try allsorts.
    using club equipment, you should not rush into buying a bow (most of us do) but it will give you option to try other bows, and styles. if/when you start buying your own equipment opt for light draw weight, (most go too heavy) as it is better to stay on a light draw weight even for a long time (and you will learn more and faster) than going to heavy, (which will stop you getting the best out of yourself and equipment, and may put you off altogether,)
    and buy used if you can from someone you trust, like a club member, you will probably sell on when you upgrade.
    my bows, olympic recurve barebow, huning bow, field bow, longbow, are 35 - 40lbs, but I also have a 24lbs which I just love and use more than the others.
    its a great sport, but take your time learning and you will progress faster and get more out of it.
  8. PolzeyLad

    PolzeyLad Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    North Cornwall
    Yep do use a club; my son and I have been shooting compound for four years.
    We started in target archery but now do field.

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