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A day to remember

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by mbison, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. mbison

    mbison Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Although not STRICTLY hunting, this really was a great day with some incredible HUNTERS, and some deer shaped wood got a good hammering!

    So anyway, Andrew (Elk Hunter) kindly offered for myself to pop down and have a dabble with some different calibers after my incessant fawning over his collection. Now - I live in Newcastle, Andy in Leics. That was a canny old drive after all the A1 traffic!

    Got up early, walked and fed the hound (dog walker saw to him during the day and late afternoon), packed up my Marlin 917VST .17hmr which I was STILL yet to shoot! Stuck a few accessories in my bag and packed the car. Set of around 6:45, and after some stand stills got there about 10:50!To my surprise, Andy had arranged for some of his mates to pop down for a plink with us too, so not only was I greeted with Andy and Rupert the dog, but his pals Neil and Olly who had also brought their collection! BONUS!

    When they found out I had never shot the 917 yet, they all expressed their bemusement and made me load it immediately, boy did it feel good to get some rounds off with it after so long sat in my cabinet. I just have NOT had the time as I have worked 7 days a week and the little time I did have, I have spent at the clay range. Anyways, after a little messing about with my cheapy Leapers UTG scope, we managed to get in on target and spitting nicely at the 60 yard target.

    View attachment 103021 View attachment 103022

    We then moved on to the centre fires! All 3 of the lads had brought a selection and were happy for me to try them out, I started with Andys Tikka (I think) .223, then Neils .243 and .308 Sauer Mauser action in devils hand edition (lefty), I then shot the .25-06...WHAT A ROUND and f*uck me does it bark! WOOF! I was very surprised by the difference in kick from what I had previously fired..the fact it was unmoderated only added to this. Those rounds really fly too. I loved that gun and it is definitely a caliber I would consider owning. I also tried a .270 which was very much in the same style. I think these calibers are hidden gems, and really under appreciated.

    View attachment 103023

    I then tried this beauty. An antique .22 k-hornet shotgun style level opened rifle. The set trigger on this thing was crazy. Everyone told me but I thought it was an exaggeration. WOW, I mean literally, the slightest touch and it would go off. A great sporting rifle indeed! My accuracy wasn't up to much with the x1.5 power scope though!

    Then came my very favourite, and a caliber I am 100% going to invest in. the 6.5 x 55 swedish, Andy had the Browning X bolt in this caliber. I shot it with no can, but moderated it was really surprisingly subtle. I love how hybrid the round is. Very flexible use. The gun shot great, felt great in hand and accurate as hell.

    View attachment 103024 View attachment 103025 View attachment 103026

    I even shot a .300 holland & holland! Now that is a bit lively! The gun had actually been made by Olly too, amazing!

    I really wish I had have taken more pictures, but all in all it was a great day. I got to try a load of great calibers, I met some great lads and I spent some time doing what I love. I was told my shooting was grouping well enough for deer (obviously they didn't want to admit a geordie was a good shot! :p) so I will be looking into getting some practice in and taking some stalking lessons. Here are the rest of the pics from the day.

    View attachment 103027 View attachment 103028 View attachment 103029 View attachment 103030

    To top it off, when we were all sat having a bit of banter and a cuppa, Andy points to a hill in the distance and says..'Is that 2 deer?...It is...that's 2 deer!" We all pick up binos and low and behold. A roe buck stood feeding and a doe going in and out of sight. It was bloody miles away, what a spot! I had a fantastic time, with great people and can't wait to do it again. Thanks a lot bud!
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2014
  2. tinmanofkent

    tinmanofkent Tiger King

    Likes Received:
    That 22 K Hornet sure is quirky, let's hope it lasts another hundred years!
  3. Elk hunter

    Elk hunter Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. As you have realised don't need much excuse to get a gun out theses days. Lol.
    As I said just give me a shout when you wish to pop down again, we can do more shooting less talking.

  4. shotgun

    shotgun Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Fair play to you guys, I struggle to find anyone around here to shoot with, even when offering shoot swaps a night on my shoot for some time with them.
    It's nice to see people getting together and having a good laff
  5. The Robin

    The Robin Super Moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    What a great thread, very interesting and looks like you all had a great day :up:
  6. engraver

    engraver Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    Great stuff guys.

    Im lucky enough to know a guy with a collection similar to Andrews, we often make and excuse to get the guns out and have a play.

    We usually fill an a few empty 4 litre plastic milk cartons up with water and place them out at various ranges also house bricks are good with the .308 or .243 good fun.

    Best laugh Ive had was .357 rossi underlever, mate just bought it for some fun, it only weighed about 5 ibs and handled like a .410, with open sights it was smashing bricks at 60-70 yards and riddling bullets out at a good rate, I spat lead everywhere with that thing, I would love one myself, cant believe he sold it with all the reloading gear for £300! inmo best fun you could get out of 300 bucks!
  7. mbison

    mbison Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    I think I saw it on *******? All the dies and bullet heads etc?

    I have played with an underlever .357 at my gun club (albeit a not very well maintained one). Fun like you say but not sure of the practical uses...and how you could convince an FEO to give you one!

    Shotgun - I was in the same boat, that's why I travelled half way down the country to spend some time with the lads! Tinman I certainly hope so too. Looks really well built so as long as Andy keeps it in good nick I'm sure it will.

    Thanks again Andy - will deffo be down again this year, just need to see what my schedule with Uni is like then I'll give you a text matey!
  8. nath92

    nath92 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Oswaldtwistle .Lancashire
    Looks like you guys had some fun good on yah


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