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A collectors Dream

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by reaper6, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. reaper6

    reaper6 Banned

    Likes Received:
    I could not believe it

    My partner had been to a party, a girlie night out! She told me she met a lady, her husband had passed away a couple of months ago. The lady wanted a clear out of stuff that she was not interested in, and particularly, his collection of guns as she hated them being around the house. My partner informed her that I was interested in air rifles and maybe could be of help? Telephone numbers were exchanged and a day or two later I called. She sounded quite nice and enthusiastic that her problem could be solved.

    I drove to her place, quite a substantial and lovely period property in the country. She welcomed me in, we sat down and shared a glass of wine by the log fire, not to look too eager, I engaged in her conversation about I don't remember what as my heart was thumbing like crazy.....

    Eventually, the conversation came around to the business bit. She said I might be disappointed as he stopped collecting in the middle eighties and there was nothing modern of interest. She asked me to follow her to a large shed/workshop at the back of the property and opened it up. My ., what an amazing sight, there was about 50 to 60 British and German air rifles in fantastic condition from before the war and typical middle eighties. Oh! she said, that's not all, this is what I could manage to get out of the study where he kept all of his bits and pieces, they are quite heavy and I got fed up of moving them here.

    There were many pre-war BSA Improved Model D and a Military Pattern, Model B's, a couple of old Tell's, one a side lever. Then I spied about half a dozen Webley Service Pattern of different Mk's. BSA Airsporters including 'S' models, likewise Mercury 'S', Challengers, Original 35 Super, 45, 50 and 65(?). Quite a few Webley's from; Junior, Falcon, Hawk, Omega, Vulcan. Many HW; different 35's, 77, 80. All were fairly immaculate, well protected with oil on the metal bits - he must have known what to collect and how to look after them.

    She said that we need to take a look in the study and see what's there....

    Again, my .... there were about four more Webley Service Rifles in boxes in what appeared to be unused condition. Various BSA and Weihrauch still in their boxes!!!! She said she couldn't manage to take the boxed ones out to the workshop as they were more awkward to handle compared to the unboxed ones.

    She led me to a tall cabinet with shallow drawers, inside were Webley pistols in their boxes, four to a drawer and there were about five drawers. At the bottom of the cabinet were doors. She opened them up and there were many tins of unused pellets; BSA Pylarm, Wasp, Webley.... this is heart attack stuff and my head is spinning.

    Now, the delicate question of "how much"? needs to be approached.....mmmmm?

    So, we sat down and had another glass of wine....I started off by asking what did she plan to do with them?
    She said she thought of going to the local council recycling plant and putting them into the metals container, but, being air rifles, they could get into illegal hands and it may not be legal to do so, also, could get her into trouble. She thought of auction but, would rather someone like myself, an enthusiast, to enjoy and knowingly, would look after them. She had no family to pass them on to. She confessed she actually hated guns and her late husbands hobby, he hardly ever used them, and she did not like them being in the house. It gave her the creeps, she said. I just want them out of the house

    The question had to be asked; "What would you consider a fair price for some of them"? Oh, she said "I am not short of money" and what would be nice if I could make a donation to the local dog rescue centre. She said that she knew they would be worth a lot more, but shall we say about £350 for the lot? What! I said, they must be worth..... she interrupted and said whatever I can afford. I am in a cold sweat and trembling now and do not know what to do.

    What would you guys do?
  2. Jackroadkill

    Jackroadkill Donator

    Likes Received:
    Drenewydd, Powys, Cymru
    Do it, and then give some to young shooters who could do with a leg up.

    This is an opportunity for you to do well, but also to really do some good for the shooting community.
  3. kuro

    kuro Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    She obviously wants rid of them and she said shes not short of cash. Id take the offer.
  4. Dusty605

    Dusty605 Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Give the dogs the money and take the guns, sounds like a once in a lifetime find.
  5. swsmith20

    swsmith20 Donator

    Likes Received:
    What do you think the collection is worth? then work out what you can afford, can you make a donation to the charity that makes the lady happy and keeps your conscience clear
  6. doodsy

    doodsy Donator

    Likes Received:
    You honestly need to ask reap :D as long as shes happy then id be
  7. NorfolkDave

    NorfolkDave Donator

    Likes Received:
    I'd read the rest of the story on the other forum......

  8. pherret

    pherret Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
  9. bobbie1

    bobbie1 Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    fylde coast ,,,
    then you woke up :)
  10. 1961nuffield

    1961nuffield Honorary Member

    Likes Received:
    Originally E&S York's now SE Finland
    My thoughts too ..... ;)

  11. Egg

    Egg Major Poster

    Likes Received:
    So, did you get her to pull the underlever or did she break the barrel over her knee?
  12. Hoodster

    Hoodster Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    It's a gift horse, and you shouldn't feel guilty about wealth filtering down no matter how it happens.
  13. bunny basher

    bunny basher Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    its not the 1st of April yet is it don't think just do make here happy and give them pour doggy's £500 and put it in her name so she gets a nice thank you letter and then load them all in the car and don't look back
  14. Accuspell

    Accuspell Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
    Nice to see honesty and conscience coming to the fore from all the replies.

    You have a rough inventory. Make up a valuation at realistic estimates and present it to her at another meeting. I am sure she would still meet you in the middle and you would make an honest killing rather than ripping her off and just taking them and donating the sum put forward. I believe that when these opportunities are given to us they are done so as a test of our integrity. If you take them and run it is bound to come back and bite you in some way. The world today is far too greed driven. Just look at the bank bonus scams and fixing the rates, first it was motrgage interest rates, now it is currency exchange rates, so a few can make monsterous profits. I read a warning about this kind of thing once, it was written about 2050 years ago......
  15. secretagentmole

    secretagentmole Low down, dirty and quiet...

    Likes Received:
    United Kingdom
    What you do is make the donation to the dogs home.

    Keep what you want.

    Sell the rest off to recover the money you gave to the dogs home.

    The balance that is left over and it will be quite some balance, make as a 60/40 split between the dogs home and you, after all without your contacts etc the recycling plant would have had a field day and we would all be crying into our beers!
  16. goatboy

    goatboy Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    This sounds like your getting a rifle for the price of a tin of chum considering how many there are and the suggested donation. you can still make more charity donations once you've got the rifles and sold some on. It would be nice to keep i touch with the lady and let her know how things go. You jammy b****r;)
  17. tomsteebs

    tomsteebs Donator

    Likes Received:
    Buy them, then sell the ones you don't want and donate the money to the charity. That would sound fair as it would be a lot of work selling them.
  18. mattyts

    mattyts Donator

    Likes Received:
    Buy them,ask some of the local scout groups if they want them etc,keep a few then sell the rest on here and donate the money to charity
  19. edtwozeronine

    edtwozeronine Donator

    Likes Received:
    Newport City
    You could always sell them all on here and calculate a percentage to give to charity from each sale. For the sake of lazy maths I'd say 50/50. Don't leave yourself out of pocket from P&P costs though, they are very real costs these days.

    Ideally an Auction should be _organised_, well _advertised_ and lots of people get a crack at owning something they might have been after for years with the sweetener being X percent goes to charity.
  20. Barcelona68

    Barcelona68 Banned

    Likes Received:
    Your Mom

    On page 1 it was revealed as a windup...

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