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Question .25 Artemis P15 Valuation

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by 177, Feb 12, 2020 at 10:51 PM.

  1. 177

    177 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Berwick upon Tweed
    Not sure on this one, so here goes:

    In a cruel twist of fate I ended up with three P15's, one in .22 and two in .25

    One of my .25's is pushing 40+ FPE with JSB King pellets, and it's staggering on quarry.

    Then there's this one, which was originally bought new last summer. It just sits unused.

    There is a small mark in the stock half way up the pistol grip:


    Another small scratch at the front of the stock:


    A tiny, faint blemish (I think just to the laquer) just in front and to the left of the trigger:


    Condition is very good overall.




    After-market adjustable butt-pad and cocking lever handle are fitted. Original butt-pad and side plate is available with the rifle too.

    Baffles have been removed from the moderator (will come with the gun) since they are pants and it's quiet without them installed.

    I have re-crowned the barrel due to shonky factory finish. One of the scope rail grub screws has stripped - I was going to tap a slightly larger diameter screw or helicoil it, but it's been sat gathering dust for months now and I can't see me getting to it any time soon.

    I ran a mag of pellets through it this afternoon with the rifle clamped in a padded vice and all shots made a single hole group barely larger than the .25 pellet itself.

    I also ran a few shots through the chrono this afternoon using 25.39gr JSB King pellets and at roughly 175 bar I got:

    457 fps for 11.79 FPE
    452 fps for 11.52 FPE
    455 fps for 11.71 FPE
    456 fps for 11.75 FPE
    451 fps for 11.48 FPE
    452 fps for 11.53 FPE

    Comes with the spares, box, paperwork etc that you would get with the new gun. I think I have both mags (will check) but it definitely has one, and I also have the single shot tray.

    A mate of mine is after the FAC .25 P15 after having tried it on rabbits, and I think I will probably sell the sub 12 .22 as well, which has been on long term loan with another friend. They were originally bought with a very specific shoot in mind but I've binned that particular permission and almost all of my clearance shooting is with the FAC Rapid and .22lr, or the .223 if I need to reach further out. I just can't see me using these at all.

    The P15 is an easy/simple rifle to work on/with and they have a ton of scope for modification if that's what honks your hooter.

    Thoughts ?
    Marky-Boy and Readie like this.
  2. flyfisher

    flyfisher flyfisher

    Likes Received:
    Carharrack Cornwall.
    could be interested in the .22 if it comes up for sale.
  3. rich79

    rich79 Lovin the smell of cordite in the morning

    Likes Received:
    They're £500 new in most places so £300-£350! People are always asking about the 25 P15's on the Artemis FB group so they do sell well.
  4. metalman

    metalman Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    Good to see you back Barry :up:, yes, i did end up with the.25 Impact FAC.

    i can say to members, this gentleman’s word can be taken with trust, good luck with what you decide to do
    lone wolf likes this.
  5. snipperuk

    snipperuk Donator

    Likes Received:
    East yorks
    I'd say 300-350 also
  6. 177

    177 Donator

    Likes Received:
    Berwick upon Tweed
    Thanks for the feedback folks.

    I'm not happy about that rear scope mount screw being stripped (it was like that from the factory) so I think I will tap and new on in and then maybe advertise for sale once that's sorted. There are two on each end of the mount and I've never seen any shift in POI or zero, but it has to be right.

    I don't do FB and I have no intentions of starting any time...
    littleJon365 likes this.
  7. Blister

    Blister Busy Member

    Likes Received:
  8. lone wolf

    lone wolf Pro Poster

    Likes Received:
    Bishop Auckland
    Hi mate good to see you posting on here, you've been missed

    I can vouch for the accuracy and performance of the .22 P15

    I used it exclusively for a period of time for both hunting and HFT.

    It was a joy to use in the field and it accounted for a few rabbits when put to the test.

    I found it gave great results out to 45yrds with FTT and I felt no need to test any other pellets.

    I was very impressed by the P15, its improved shot count after you tweaked it, accuracy, compactness, all make it a great hunter.

    I didn't do to bad in HFT with it either, I think if it was given a adjustable but paid and a hamster It would be interesting to see how I got on with it.

    Great guns if they fit your shooting requirements

    I only do FB for a few military groups and shooting groups, the P15 group being one of them if you wanted to explore that Avenue
  9. Jagdwaffen

    Jagdwaffen Suns up guns up

    Likes Received:
    Vale of Arran
    Id agree that two thirds of cost new Barry would sound reasonable.

    Good to see you about mate.......enjoyed your postings :thumb:

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