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Good news 25(000) Today Competition...

Discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related' started by rabbitwrecker, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. rabbitwrecker

    rabbitwrecker Black Latex Matters...

    Likes Received:
    Well, might have been yesterday as it goes. 25000 likes on my posts, you sad lot. Anyway, in the fine tradition of the AGF, I guess I'd better give something away. However, being a poor/tight-fisted sort, the prize ain't going to be much.

    So, what do you win? There will be two prizes and two (lucky) winners - one of whom will win a tin of 4.52mm JSB RS, the other a tin of 5.52mm JSB Jumbo RS. Say which calibre you'd prefer on your entry.

    The competition? I need to laugh, especially when my meds have run out, so tell me a funny shooting-related story that won't earn either of us a ban. The comp opens now and will run to 6pm (Worthing time) on Sunday 5th September. Entries will be judged by myself and a couple of my Gun Porn Goddesses. The two winners will be announced once I've recovered and prizes dispatched once @TheWolfmanStore (or my local man) has some RS in stock.

    Not worth the effort for a measly tin of RS? Maybe not, but at least we'll all have a laugh at your expense. And apologies to our overseas brethren, I'm only able to ship to UK addresses - but please have a go anyway, us Brits love your quaint colonial humour (and spelling).

    Now best of luck - and get to it... :D
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2021
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  2. Chouchin66

    Chouchin66 Top Poster

    Likes Received:
    California USA
    What's the " hard - on" for Aluminum?
    Carry on stud, what a guy congrats on 25K buddy.
    Silly shooting story...bought a Chinese " rammer" once...multiple facepalm needed...
    Cloud9 and rabbitwrecker like this.
  3. Andy yam

    Andy yam Jack of all trades

    Likes Received:
    Congrats on a 25000th like RW Christ knows how you made it but you did
    Have a funny story ( well to me it is) but it's late so you'll have to wait until tomorrow :p
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  4. Cloud9

    Cloud9 Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Congrats on 25k RW :claping::claping:

    Old gent who owns my perm as an air rifle :facepalm:. He asked me to zero it for him, no problem :thumb:.

    A few days later he calls me over as I'm walking up the drive and says "I thought you said you'd zero'd this gun".

    He goes on to point at a tree about 12yrds away. "I've been shooting at that pigeon and it's not even moved"
    I squint over to the tree, "what pigeon?"

    Man had been firing repeated shots at what turned out to be a tree blossom :facepalm::laff:

    You know which calibre :thumb:
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  5. Bunyip

    Bunyip Adopter of Tiger AA's

    Likes Received:
    Let's face it RW it was your gun bunnies that got most of your likes.:p

    Also your total dedication to springers.:)

    Congrats on your 25k.:thumb:
  6. pjgtech

    pjgtech I shoot, therefore I aim......

    Likes Received:
    Congrats, 25k, impressive. :thumb:
    Funny storey? well a mate at the range was shooting his old pistol (Webley) at about 8m, with a paper target on a wooden stake. He got a Rick-Oh-Shay which came back and hit him right at the top of his thigh, just missing his vitals!
    He was hopping around and yelling for a bit. He did not think it was funny, but we all did! :D
    When he came back to the range the next week, he had a Mahoosive bruise at the top of his leg.
    Pellet choice = I'm easy, as I shoot .177 and .22. :)
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  7. rich79

    rich79 No deep or funny comment here

    Likes Received:
    On a pheasant shoot end of season dinner for armed forces officers one naval officer comes out of the toilet & the hand dryer is not heard, a young air force officer says the the navy guy "in the air force they teach us to wash our hands after going to the toilet".
    The navy officer replied "in the navy they teach us not to p**s on our hands".
    This was 20yrs ago & hen's never lived it down.
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  8. 1260engineer

    1260engineer The Terminator's Armourer

    Likes Received:
    :D Funny story ... RW 's got 25.000 like ..... :laff: How did he manage that . He's either got to be a prostitute or a drug dealer .......................:shrug:Can't believe He's just popular.

    RW . :thumb: Nice one mate .
    ps. i hope that red bulbs LED
  9. Jim Garten

    Jim Garten Unashamed CP2 fan

    Likes Received:
    A shooting story, but not air related.

    When Spike Milligan was serving in Italy in1943, the 10 pounder battery he was acting as signaller for was beginning a huge barrage. One gun crew had forgotten to chock and lock off their gun. As a result, when they fired the first round, the recoil sent the gun shooting back and over the side of a ravine, landing in the middle of their camp, very narrowly missing a soldier's tent.

    There then came an outraged Welsh voice: "Who threw that?"

    It was the first time Spike Milligan met Harry Secombe.

    I hope this makes you giggle... preferred flavour .22 :)
  10. Mike Watkins

    Mike Watkins Woody Woodgate

    Likes Received:
    Well done on making the 25K landmark :thumb:. When I grow up I want to be just like you :D!
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  11. Ste.v.a

    Ste.v.a Super moderator Staff Member Mod/Admin

    Likes Received:
    Congratulations @rabbitwrecker :thumb:
    1 funny thing that jumps out is the name Lewis. And how in the world any person with common sense sold him a air rifle is beyond me :oops::oops::oops:.177 please :thumb:
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2021
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  12. sharpsman

    sharpsman Very Active

    Likes Received:
    Funniest one I heard was spring guns are better than pcps for hunting ,I can't remember who said it but it made me laugh :), happy 25000 likes .
  13. rabbitwrecker

    rabbitwrecker Black Latex Matters...

    Likes Received:
    paj and Ste.v.a like this.
  14. PreciselyImprecise

    PreciselyImprecise Engaging Member

    Likes Received:
    Isn't that a contradiction?

    Congrats on the 25k likes RW, pm'ing all those picture of nudie ladies with guns paid of well! :D

    Edit: I don't have any funny stories because I'm a miserable old git.
  15. Jagdwaffen

    Jagdwaffen Suns up guns up

    Likes Received:
    Good stuff RW:thumb:….well deserved ;)
    rabbitwrecker likes this.
  16. frenchy3

    frenchy3 Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Congratulations on getting your 25,000 likes to posts.
    I used to work for a private company called Kynamco that had a 100 metre underground range and was used for many military and civilian industrial testing. On one particular occasion we had a film crew in to do a weapons and weapons effects video and even though our armoury was well stocked with section 5 weapons we needed to borrow an M16 and an AK47 from a local company. I fully expected to be assisting with the video but my boss had seen a couple of very nice looking women on the film and sound crew so he told me i would not be required and to stay in the loading room making up some ammunition for big game hunters. After the set up period i heard gunfire down on the range and then it went quiet. Weapon changeover i thought to myself then this huge burst of automatic fire. A few minutes later my boss appeared in the loading room looking extremely pale and asked me if i wouldn,t mind carrying on with the film crew which i obliged with. On entering the range i saw several bullet marks on the concrete floor and asked a member of the crew what had transpired. it worked out that my boss had a negligent discharge with an AK47 7.62 on auto and tried to destroy his own range. After the film crew had calmed down we completed the assignment and my boss never mentioned it again!!
    .22 for me .
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  17. KeithJ23

    KeithJ23 Keyboard Hero

    Likes Received:
    While serving with the infantry one of the lads decided to see what would happen if you fired a RPG (Rocket propelled grenade) straight up..

    He then received a very practical lesson in physics and gravity! Him and his mate cleared their position in about 2 seconds as 3 seconds later the grenade completed its journey back to its starting point, thus proving what goes up, must come down!

    Congrats on all the likes (sounds like attention seeking to me! Lol)

    I'll go for .22 for the 99s!
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  18. phil adams

    phil adams Busy Member

    Likes Received:
    Elstow, Bedford
    Congratulations! That's a lotta likes indeed. :up:

    Learning about combustion

    In the mid 90's my teenage mind wandered between naked ladies, cars and guns like a bumble bee searching for nectar. My dad was in his mid 40's and worked for the MOD which gave him access to all kinds of interesting things. After spending a day with him at his place of work I became fascinated with mortars, as one does. My dad's proposal that a homemade version could be made based around the idea of the internal combustion engine had my mind whirring and planning out what could me made.

    After many failed attempts my good ole' dad stepped in and helped me. A simple device was constructed and fun was had. Only this lead me to other ideas. I was soon able to put a tennis ball clean out of sight, but this wasn't enough.

    Mk7 was built. A thing of true shed built beauty. Designed to fire an empty roll on deodorant filled with lead shots from shotgun shells. Yes, things had progressed.

    After difficulties with 'ignition', Dad stepped in and took the lead, making some design modifications. On one dark November evening, an almighty boom and shocking flash lit up the sky. As our ears rung, we heard the faint sound of bells. Not just the ringing in our ears but actual alarm bells, and lights, shouts too...

    Dad tossed me the smoking barrel and ran quicker than I thought possible back indoors.

    It's at this point I feel I should mention that my MOD employed Dad lived directly behind a large Territorial Army center, with munitions depot. The large sheds used to store small arms and an array of Howitzer mobile guns and things to make stuff deader.

    We had actually caused quite a stir that evening, as the barracks emptied and an investigation undertaken. In more modern times I think we would have had our own dedicated satellite and task force.

    My mum did have a few questions as to why we were sat in the dark, TV off when she arrived home from her step aerobics class.

    After this is, airguns were considered to be a far safer hobby.

    .22 is always bestest.
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  19. NIVEA

    NIVEA Honorary Member

    Likes Received:

    If you are giving away one of those old springers im not going to enter :D
  20. Cinimod

    Cinimod Big Poster

    Likes Received:
    Probably both :p................dom
    rabbitwrecker likes this.

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