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22 fenman barrell complete with evo silencer - may fit others?

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by johnfaulkner, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. johnfaulkner

    johnfaulkner Newbie

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    hi guys,

    i've just took a fenman in part ex of my rapid[​IMG] its a bloody fantastic gun and it came with both .177 & .22 barrells.

    now i'm never going to be shooting .22 in sub 12ft.lbs again, if i can help it, so i may aswell send this on.

    its in very good condition, a few small marks on the end cap but thats about it really.

    i'm pretty sure i will fit most of the theoben gas ram range, but someone else will know more about this than me. also i must point out, that IMO, a calibre change must involve the gun being chronod.

    pics on request.



    asking £70 posted ONO please contact: johnfaulkner1985@hotmail.com or PM :)

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