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2 guns and a lamp.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by sharpshooterpete, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. sharpshooterpete

    sharpshooterpete Donator

    Likes Received:
    Evening all!

    Thought i would do another write up (although this one will be shorter than the last one due to lack of photos). I havent mentioned before but when i got my S410 from Ronnie Sunshines a few weeks back my soon to be father in law also got one, a BSA R10, in fact he bought them both with the S410 as my early wedding present! So yesterday we went down the local air rifle range then decided to do some late evening shooting followed by a bit of lamping.

    We arrived on the permission and spoke to the land owner who had a bit of information that could turn into another permission, good thing is this new bit of land is directly across the road so fingers crossed we can add that onto the list. We got all our rig on, check i have everything i need, make our rifles ready and head out into the first field. As always there are too many to choose from but they are pushing 70+ yards and im not happy taking an unsupported shot at that distance so we move on to the next field.

    In the second field, the father in law spots a rabbit at the far end of it which is about 100 yards away so he slowly stalks up to get within range. He gets to within 45 yards, gets into a comfortable sitting position and takes the shot ending with a clean head shot. First bunny in the bag and its a huge buck, very happy with that!
    View attachment 103330

    We follow the fence line down (to the rear of the picture above) and decide to set up in a little bit of cover and wait there for a while. I set up looking to the right looking to get a mixed bag, a lot of squirrels, crows and pigeon sit in the woodline in front of me.
    View attachment 103331

    whilst the in-law sat behind me looking left, he has good cover and a huge 'sitty tree' to his front where we hope to bag some pigeon.

    View attachment 103339

    A couple of pigeon land in both our field of view but it was just impossible to take a shot with the amount of leaves in the trees. I can't say the same for the rabbits though, not a single one came out which is strange because this corner is usually very busy. The only thing that i could think that may have been causing a problem was a house around 200 meters away. It had a fire going and the amount of smoke it was kicking up and blowing in our direction was unreal. It got quite unbearable after a while so we moved on.

    You can see a little smoke in the picture but it got so much worse than this.
    View attachment 103340

    We mooch around a little more and not much is coming out so we decided to just sit and wait, a young rabbit pops out the hedge about 50ish yards from me, i hold over 1 1/2 mildots and it drops like a brick. perfect head shot. Thats two in the bag!

    At night, this permission really is when its at its best, the amount of rabbits that come out really is amazing and its just so much fun. If i could, i would spend all night lamping, its definitely my favourite time to go rabbit shooting. However, the coneys here are a little lamp shy so a shot has to be taken quickly! The in-law is using the lamp and i will take the shots, we come across a couple of rabbits and i take the closest one which is around 45 yards away. I hold over one mil dot just next to his eye and he drops. The lamp gets held on his position as i go to retrieve my kill but as i bend over, the b****r jumps up and tries to run off. I could here gargling and weezing and instantly i knew i had unfortunately hit him with a neck shot :down:. After fumbling around i eventually grab hold of it and quickly dispatch it with a quick pull of neck. Apparently it was comical watching me in the lamp light trying to catch the poor guy and im sure it was but i can't stress enough how much i hate wounding an animal. At the end of the day although we are killing rabbits the most humane way is a quick, clean kill with a head shot and if i fail in doing so im not very pleased with myself.

    We decide to call it a night after a few hours lamping. Due to them being lamp shy it was starting to get difficult to get a shot off and to be honest, i was not prepared to risk taking quick shots in case i wounded another. All in all we ended up with a total of 3 in the bag which isnt too bad although a bag of 3 is what i seem to be a trend i can't break from.
    View attachment 103341

    again, apologies for the lack of pictures. I will endeavour to get many more photos on the next outing and if anyone has any tips on how to make a better read, im all ears.



    Ps. how do you get rid of the attached thumbnails at the bottom?
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2014

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