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(Withdrawn) .177 Logun Axsor - Like new - Offers over £300

Discussion in 'Sales Graveyard' started by G_star_2006, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. G_star_2006

    G_star_2006 Newbie

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    I've got for sale my .177 Logun Axsor. It's like new condition and been used about 5 times, never in the wet.

    Stock is undrilled.

    Comes wth Logun silencer, logun gunslip and Simmons 3-9x40 scope

    Open to offers over £300


    From Loguns' site:

    "Making the best or making the best better" the Logun mission statement, has never been more true than in the design of the Logun Axsor. Originally developed by CNC of Sweden and it was well respected by airgunners seeking a lightweight, moderately priced sporting rifle. The Axsor established itself as the rifle of choice for the discerning hunter, the best in its market niche.

    Simply being the best is never good enough for Logun, so there followed a year of intense development, during which time every element of the rifle was examined, re-designed, re-engineered and improved. This close collaboration between the two companies culminated in the launch of the 8 shot Logun Axsor.
    The Axsor has a new improved valving system and features the legendary smooth Logun Supa Glide™ stainless steel cocking bolt, integral pressure gauge and a slick rotary safety catch.

    The trigger is a fully adjustable two stage Logun design that offers the shooter the delicate feel and positive action all expert hunters and target shooters demand. All this adds up to the ultimate rifle of its genre, a super accurate, precision rifle easily capable of consistent, sub 1/2" groups at 50 yards and beyond.

    Technical Details:
    • Precharged pneumatic air rifle
    • 8-shot rotary magazine
    • Standard sporter walnut stock
    • Probe fitting quick charge system
    • Integral safety catch
    • Calibre 4.5mm (.177
  2. sceip1

    sceip1 Member

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    Hi, is the gun still for sale? How many shots per one charge? Thanks.
  3. merlynsfire

    merlynsfire Engaging Member

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    Bristol area
    5yrs on, doubtful...
  4. manc

    manc Donator

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    LOL wtf
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