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Thread: SMK XS78 replacement parts?

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    SMK XS78 replacement parts?

    Hi, all new to the world of shooting (air rifle target) Went with some friends the other day. Think i put a dodgy pellet in the muzzle SMK sx78 2 x 12g co2 cartridges and it has jammed. Cannot get it out even after disantling the gun....

    Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement barrel for it? I can't find one anywhere. Even after a whole lot of google searches.

    Any help would be ideal, a noob!

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    rfds cant post you a new barrel because its against the law. have you tried pushing it out with a rod? is it just one pellet?

    if you pay for postage both ways you can send it to me and ill clear it for you, but you should be able to just rod it easily enough. if its just one pellet anyway. do you mean 'breach' when you say 'muzzle'? its just putting a pellet in the muzzle is an odd thing to do, im guessing you mean breach?

    join this forum, there are usually spare parts available for the xs78 in the for sale section. barrels get snapped up early though, i dont think there are barrels available right now but it would be worth putting a wanted thread up

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    are you sure you didn't just run out of gas

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