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    career 707 seal kit

    just been offerd a 707 cheap. its been sat in the wardrobe of a mates for a couple of years.
    the reason he stopped using it was because it would not hold pressure for more then 48 hrs. he tryed 3 times to stop the leak but everytime it still went flat. he did not do all the seals only the ones he thought it might be. so he says i can have it cheap, well cheap for a 707.

    weres the best place to buy a compleate seal kit? i was looking at the t.r robb kit for 35 or 45 with the dvd. ( you can get the dvd off ebay for 4)

    anywere else sell them?

    i have no idea what caliber it is lol. he bought 3, a 177, a 22 and a 25 brandnew a few years ago. put no more then a tin off pellets threw each of them and sold them. this one came back because it did not hold air and he put it away.

    he only just remember today he had it lol, i will be collecting it this saterday as he works away from home threw the week.
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    Range Right's was UK Importer

    Must still have some bit's

    Can not find link


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    Hi. I had one and did a lot of tuning on it. I also turned a new Lother/W barrel for it as the accuracy was Crap. I sold it in the end and wouldn't want another one. If it's really cheap then go for it and hopefully you won't lose any money on it when you sell.

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