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Thread: Threatened whilst hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oat View Post
    OK. My decision is now final.

    In order to keep reasonable community relations... (and safety to all)
    I have informed the farmer i will not shoot the permission on one side of a named road. It is the area the guy had an issue with and to be honest is not a massive loss to me as it is not a vermin hot spot. The farmers son will handle that area with his mate with 4x4, lamps and shotguns - hardly a discrete approach.

    I will retain the rest of the farm which is the huge bulk of it, and the most vermin active hotspots.
    There will be no text messages to the other chap.
    I will not be approached.

    I have asked the farmer to inform the other guy.

    I have offers of 2 other permissions, both around 30 mins from me. 1 is a dairy farm that offers rabbits, pigeons, rooks etc, and the other is a mixed farm which is massive and has huge future potential but currently only offers me rat shooting in a livestock yard (mostly around a silage clamp).
    I also shoot with a forum member across a few other perm's.

    Thanks to all for feedback and advice. A very placid guy that i am, i have not enjoyed the past few days.
    Hi Oat, Your attitude to this incident has been very sensible and IMO the correct way
    to go about it, getting aggresive or threatning is not the way to go ,
    the only time violence is ok is in self defence when attacked .
    Good luck in the future and safe and happy shooting
    atb brian

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    Seems like a sensible decision Oat. Good luck with your shoots and I hope they're trouble free from now on.

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