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Thread: doctors fee

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    Quote Originally Posted by r10hunter View Post
    A couple of rounds of sporting on a Sunday morning will cost you nearly 60 quid. I would just pay up and get my certificate sorted.
    Wow what club do you shoot for sir .. I pay 6.00 for a 50 bird sporting x 2 = 12 quid and targets are at competition level.

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    doctors fee

    Quote Originally Posted by rosie 1 View Post
    Wow what club do you shoot for sir .. I pay 6.00 for a 50 bird sporting x 2 = 12 quid and targets are at competition level.
    Most places are 10 + for the clays. But Presumably you use 100 shells have a coffee and something to eat? Use some fuel getting there ?
    A mornings claying is not far from a doctors fee is my point.
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    I don't think we should pay for the doctors or the police to issue the SGCs. Doctors are already paid for by our taxes and licensing is enforced under the idea that it protects society at large. Well, if it's for the benefit of society at large then society at large should pick up the bill.

    What we we need is a decent lobbying group with some balls. Not all this BASC crap about 'currently nothing in the legislation, blah, blah, blah.' If they took the fight to the authorities and actually campaigned for shooter's rights I'd donate money on top of the subscription.

    We get walked all over as shooters and it is wrong.
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    Mine wasn't worded as crudely as that but it did cost me 25 or 30 quid. Think it said that the report would be sent with 14 days and they would appreciate payment to coincide with that.

    Quote Originally Posted by nice shooting tex View Post
    Applied for sgc months ago and now doctors have told me they will not respond to firearms dept unless i pay 60 odd quid. Any1 else had this problem?.

    I have read basc say do not pay but will add time to process


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    Quote Originally Posted by rosie 1 View Post
    I will certainly second that I went to docs last week (my old doctors have retired) had to see a practice nurse who didn't even know me and had to look up on a computer as she didn't even know what my problem was I coudnt see the doctor as I cant understand him because he's indian and he hadn't a clue who I was as ive never seen him before (no offence intended at all) the finish I walked out. BRING BACK THE OLD SCHOOL. Mods please note if you think this thread is offensive then please delete as it is not intended to be.
    Don't apologise believing that this could be construed as offensive, Doctors should absolutely be able to speak the host language fluently and understandably, this boils my piss as a language barrier/misunderstanding nearly killed my mother in law two years back when the doctor gave her medication she was extremely allergic to.

    If they can't be understood or understand lives are at risk!
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    Family member was charged 50 recently and advised that it might take the practice a few weeks to actually get round to signing it! If you're going to charge that then at least provide a decent service in return. The police sent him the medical letter to take in person(??) to the doctors (this was despite no relevant medical issues on the application or otherwise). Meanwhile I never heard anything about mine at all, it all went through and certainly no charge.

    RE Cost of a round of clays- It would cost me about 45 for 100 in terms of clays/cartridges, excl everything else- so you're not far off.
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    i dont know if this helps but i refused to pay my fee was 35 pound but took heed of basc advice and told them i wouldnt pay (as i'm sure this has been mentioned) for a sec2 ticket if the police have not had any information from the doctors in 21days they proceed with the licence anyway and as long as you have no shady background you have nothing to worry about. on a side note i had some criticism by other shooters because i refused to pay they seemed to think i was doing the NHS out of money they were ill informed as its a private practice and was a charge issued by the practice not the nhs so to quieten them i went to my local cottage hospital and made a donation of 40 i didnt have to was more of a point to make to them that it wasn't an issue of the money was the principal

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